4th Grade

Welcome to the Fourth Grade!
Educating Children for the Future
Dear Parents,
            We want to welcome you and your child to fourth grade. It is important to us that we work together with parents to provide the best possible learning situation for our students. Please call or write to us about concerns you have. We are interested in helping any way we can.  
                                                                                                Team 4
You can also reach us by email. Our addresses are:
Students can expect homework in spelling, math, and reading. Occasionally, students will also be expected to study at home for social studies and science tests. Unfinished class work must also be completed at home. Homework, including unfinished class work, is always due the following day. If you and your child find that work cannot be completed in 45 minutes or if the work is not understood, please write us a note.
Thursday Papers and White Slips/Blue Slips
Don't forget to look for papers every Thursday. Most weeks there are papers that need your attention. Students will be given a white slip OR blue slip every Thursday with take home papers in language arts and math. A white slip means all work was completed on time for the week. A blue slip indicates that work was turned in late or is still missing. Missing and late assignments are listed on the blue slip. A blue slip must be signed and returned to the teacher. Missing work should be completed and attached to the blue slip.
Social Studies and Science
Science units we will explore this year are Classification, Motion and Design, Our Place in Space and Light. In social studies we will study Maryland by examining the history, geography, economics, etc., of our state. 
One of the goals of NMES is to improve our attendance this year and to reduce the number of late arrivals. Please try to schedule appointments for before or after school whenever possible. If you transport your child to school, he/she may be dropped off as early as one half hour before the start of school. In other words, children in the magnet program may be dropped off as early as 8:00 and those in the regular program may be dropped off as early as 8:30. When students arrive right at 8:30 (magnet) or 9:00 (regular) they are not ready to begin instruction because they have to unpack their backpacks and get materials ready for the day.   Dropping them off in time for them to get themselves organized makes a huge difference. We appreciate your assistance in helping us reach our improvement goal. 
If your child is absent, please remember to send in a note explaining the absence when he/she returns to school. If you would like work sent home when your child is absent, please let us know in the morning if possible so that we have time to gather materials to send home. 
Student Work
We love to show off our students’ hard work! Sometimes, student work that includes the child’s name is displayed in hallways. Please let us know if you have objections to this.
Please have your child read a minimum of fifteen minutes every night. Try to make it a part of their nightly routine. Reading independently on a regular basis is a very important part of reading improvement.
Please let your child’s teacher know if your child has any allergies (i.e. nuts, milk, bees, etc.) Because of allergies, NMES doesn’t allow edible treats to be sent in for birthdays anymore. You are welcome to send in other items (i.e. pencils, stickers, etc.) for a birthday.