3rd Grade

The third grade team welcomes you!

Important Information: 
  • Third graders are allowed to keep a water bottle on their desk.
  • Some of our classrooms are a little cool, so your child may want to keep a sweater or sweatshirt in their locker.
  • In order to have ongoing communication between school and home, we ask that you check your child’s assignment book/agenda every night and sign or initial. There is a small space for us to write notes to each other.
  • Third grade teachers often communicate via email distribution lists. Please check yours often.
  • On nights that your child does not have assigned homework, we ask that they: 
    1. read for 15 minutes. We encourage some of the reading to be done aloud to an adult. This helps you to monitor their fluency.
    2. practice math facts for 15 minutes.
Links to educational websites: 

FCPS weblinks elementary provides curriculum approved websites for students:     http://sites.fcps.org/eweblinks/    Once on the weblink:

  • For math websites, click on math on the left side.  Recommended websites for third graders:  AAA Math and Math Magician
  • For language arts websites, click on language arts on the left side.  Recommended websites for third graders:  Book Adventure and the poetry links. 
  • For Social Studies, click on Culture Grams.     

An additional website that is a great resource for math and language arts practice is Sheppard Software:  http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/