Special Education

Welcome to Special Education at NFES
We Believe that ALL students can Achieve and Succeed!

If at any time you have questions or concerns about your child's Individual Education Program, please contact us at 240-236-1997.
Meet the Team:

               Teachers & Therapists:                     Special Education Instructional Assistants
Tina Abrecht:       5th grade                                  Laura Cholet - Program Assistant
Michele Stiles:     K, 1st & 3rd                                            Jessica Clinesmith
Angie Worrell:      2nd & 4th grades                                   Jessica Johnson
Claire Mulligan:    Speech                                                  Patti Allen
Faith Gibeau:        Physical Therapist                                Dawn Scott
Ingrid Frame:        Occupational Therapist                         Trish Abel
Claire Chu:           Hearing Therapist                                  Ruth George
                             Vision Therapist                                     Penny Burner
Wesley Allen:       School Psychologist                               Lanie Lile
                                                                                            Michele Schwartz