Falcon Awards

Flying Falcon Award Celebration

How to Earn a Falcon Award:

  • Outstanding Academic Achievement: Consistent performance in an academic area and excellent work habits.
  • Improvement in Academic Achievement: An increase in the quality of academic work and or data points.
  • Classroom Citizenship Award: This award is voted on by peers and should be based on the 6 pillars of character.
  • Attendance Awards: Students with perfect attendance will receive a pin for their lanyard and recognition at Falcon Awards. This award is for students that have been here every day during a quarter and have missed no time from school (for example, no early dismissals or late arrivals). Students with exemplary attendance for a quarter (96% or better) will receive a certificate and coupon and recognition in their classrooms.

 NFES School Song

We’re the Falcons soaring high;

Trying our best to show 3Rs
And do our work with pride!
Our school is the place to be,
And we can tell you why:
We learn and grow here every day,
Just watch us as we fly! 
Falcons, Falcons flying high
North Frederick Falcons touch the sky!