Principal's Message

Believe ! Achieve ! Succeed !

This is the motto at North Frederick Elementary School.  The core of our values is that we believe all students can and will succeed.  To achieve success with all students, our staff has committed to living according to the following value statements:

  • Communicate with students, staff, families and the community in a timely collaborative and courteous manner.
  • Actively engage all students in purposeful learning designed to meet diverse needs.
  • Provide quality, data-driven instruction of essential curriculum so that all students meet or exceed grade level expectations.
  • Demonstrate exemplary character by building and nurturing positive, productive, professional and personable relationships with colleagues, students, families, and the community.
  • Embrace and honor cultural diversity in order for all students and staff members to reach their highest potential.
  • Celebrate the positive accomplishments of staff and students and embrace challenges with a positive and productive mindset.

When each of us is dedicated to these beliefs, our students, our school and our community will succeed.  Together we can reach our greatest potential!  Thanks to everyone for their commitment to North Frederick Elementary School!