About North Frederick Elementary School

 NORTH FREDERICK ELEMENTARY has a long tradition as an eager and enthusiastic place in the community. The charms of our older facility are outshone only by the warm and caring attitudes of the school’s staff, parents and students. One need only step inside our doors to feel the energy created by this community.

The North Frederick Elementary School mission is to develop a positive self-image and provide quality learning for all students in a safe environment. Students, staff and parents will be responsible for making North Frederick an effective place to learn and work. Our values include:


  • communicating in a variety of ways with students, staff and parents in a timely, collaborative and courteous manner
  • actively engaging all students in purposeful learning designed to meet individual needs
  • providing quality, data-driven instruction designed to provide access to the essential curriculum so that all students meet or exceed grade level expectations
  • demonstrating respect by building and nurturing positive, productive, professional and personable relationships with colleagues, students and parents
  • celebrating the positive accomplishments of staff and students, and embracing challenges with a positive and productive mindset

Parent involvement is a strong part of our program. Many volunteers work in our school each day. The Parent Teacher Association is strong and an integral part of service and learning. Bi-monthly family involvement activities are scheduled through our PTA.

"Be ready. Be responsible. Be respectful." These are the school rules that we live by. Expectations are high at North Frederick and students learn in an encouraging safe, positive learning environment.