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Laura Vogtman


Counselor's Corner

Laura Gabaly, School Counselor 240 236-2020

Welcome to the new School Counselor’s Corner!
It is my goal to effectively communicate with families about the role of the school counselor within the school system, and I am particularly excited about this venue, because more and more families are easily accessible via the internet! I look forward to building relationships with you and your child. ~Laura Gabaly, Counselor.
The Role of a School Counselor
Many parents did not have counselors in elementary school, and there may be misconceptions about the role of a counselor within the school system. 

School counselors do many things to assist children and families – not a select few, but all students and families. The Counseling Program at North Frederick Elementary School concentrates heavily on character education. Every month a school wide effort is launched to highlight one of the pillars of character, and several of our programs promote the benefits of learning to be a person of good character.

A good education means learning to read and write, but it also means learning how to get along with others and work together.  Learning to work well with others includes having an awareness of self.  How am I perceived by others? How would I like to be perceived by others? The social skills required to work well in a group setting include making good decisions, controlling anger, communicating effectively, accepting responsibility, and awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses.
We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about the counseling program at North Frederick Elementary School. Please feel free to contact the counselor at 240 236-2032, or visit the counseling office any time. We hope to get to know you and your child this school year!

Thank you