Grading Policy

Fifth Grade Grading Policy
Myersville Elementary
      Grading Scale
90-100 – A
80-89 – B
70-79 – C
60-69 – D
Below 60 – F
Scores on homework, class work, projects, test, and quizzes will be used to determine a student’s final grade for the term. 
Points will be deducted for late and incomplete assignments.
When a student is absent class work and homework assignments will be recorded on a sheet entitled “Our Team Missed You.” All assignments on this sheet are to be completed within 3 days of the absence. A parent signature is required on the bottom of this paper when all assignments are complete. 
If a student is absent and you would like to have missed work sent home, please call the school by 9:30 am so that we have time to gather it up and get it to the office. Our planning is from 9:00-9:45  each morning, so if you call in the afternoon we will not have time to get the materials together because we will be busy teaching. Work can either be sent home with another student or picked up in the office.
If you have any questions please give us a call. 
                                                                                    Together in education,
                                                                                    The Fifth Grade Team