Welcome to Fifth Grade

Welcome to Fifth Grade at Myersville Elementary School!!!
Dear Parents,
            The fifth grade team would like to extend a warm welcome. This year will be filled with great change as we work with you to best prepare your child for Middle School. Our instructional model is organized in a manner which we think will be beneficial for students in many ways. All students will have Language Arts instruction from their homeroom teacher. In addition,  Mrs. Miller will be teaching Math, Mrs. Hargreaves will be teaching Science/Language Arts and Mr. Ziegler will be teaching Social Studies/Writing to all of the students each day. The focus this year will be on rigorous trans-disciplinary lessons that focus on the Common Core standards. This model allows students to become familiar with the model used in sixth grade, become more organized and responsible for work, enjoy a variety of teachers and their instructional styles, and it allows teachers to execute more challenging, in-depth lessons that are integrated with all parts of the curriculum. The three of us will work very closely this year to design lessons that incorporate all of the subject areas consistently. We are very excited about the potential that this model has for student enjoyment and achievement.
            We will be using the Agenda as our home communication and it is important that you check your child’s agenda each night and initial it. We hold students accountable for having their agenda signed every day that they have been in school – this includes Friday. We need your cooperation for a couple of reasons. First, the Agenda will be our method for communicating daily student behavior. Your child will receive an X at the bottom of their Agenda each time they fail to follow a school rule. If a student does not have their Agenda signed they will automatically spend 5 minutes of their recess in the detention room. Consequences are as follows:
·          1 X – loss of 5 minutes of recess in detention room
·         2 X’s – loss of 10 recess in the detention room
·         3 X’s – loss of 10 recess in the detention room and a phone call home
If a student does not complete a homework assignment they will stay in at recess to complete it. If this becomes a habitual problem other consequences may occur such as having an impact on the student’s grade and/or work habits. Students are expected to write all homework assignments in their agenda daily. Each teacher gives plenty of time for students to do this. If there is no homework assigned for a particular subject area, the students will write NO Homework in that subject’s section of the agenda. Any student who receives 15 detentions in a 2 month period will have a meeting with the principal.

If you have any questions please call, email, or send in a note and we’ll get back to you ASAP