Character Counts! at MYES


Everywhere, Every Day! 

     When you enter Myersville Elementary you are immediately reminded of the importance of demonstrating good character, “Everywhere, Every Day!”  Here at Myersville we have a comprehensive Character Counts program.  It begins with morning announcements.  Each morning our peer mentors read quotes having to do with good character.  

     Throughout the school year there are various activities that we do to promote our program.  This year we will continue to  recognize positive character each day by giving out good character stickers.   Stickers can be given out by any staff member  and the student then wears it proudly throughout the day.   Students then fill out a good character slip, where it will be displayed on a special pillar in the cafeteria.  The slips are then placed in a container where names are drawn for prizes during our quarterly Spirit Rally.  This year Character Counts slips will be sent home so that parents can not only see that their child has been recognized for an act of character, but also so that you can discuss good character at home.
Once again this year we will be celebrating good character by holding our Golden Table celebrations.  Students are nominated by their teacher and are invited to eat at The Golden Table, complete with decorations, a certificate and a tasty dessert.  Pictures are then displayed on our Golden Table bulletin board in the main lobby of the school.  

     During American Education Week our attention turns to each of the six Character Counts pillars.  Teachers focus on a pillar each day with a brief lesson or activity, and students and staff wear the color of the pillar being emphasized each day.  The week culminates with a collection of food items for the local food bank to emphasize the pillar of CARING. 

     Last, our quarterly Spirit Rally is a time for the entire school to celebrate our successes, including acts of good character.  Students who were recognized throughout the term have a chance at winning awards, and our bus drivers recognize good character on their buses by writing a short description of the positive character traits displayed by one of their bus riders.

    Each year Myersville Elementary faculty nominates one 4th or 5th grade student to represent our school as a Carson Scholar Applicant.  The award is based on school achievement and good character.  The nominee will complete a packet, and will then be considered as a Carson Scholar.  The application is sent to the Carson Scholar Foundation for review and winners are announced in the spring.  Winners are invited to a very prestigious banquet in Baltimore, as well as earning a $1,000 college scholarship.  Chrissy David, now a current 8th grade student at MMS, was a two time winner of the Carson Scholarship while a student here at Myersville!