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Bluebird Camera

6/9/16:  House is getting full with growing birds starting to spread wings and preen feathers.
Bluebird hatchling preens wings

6/3/16:  Growing bigger & stronger!  Eyes are now wide open & chirping has begun.
Growing bluebirds
6/2/16:  Blue feathers begin to appear.  Feeding hungry baby bluebirds!
5 Baby BluebirdsMale Bluebird Feeding

5/31/16:  1 week old!  My how we've grown over Memorial Day Weekend!
Hatchlings 1 week1 week old Hatchlings & Male Bluebird
5/26/16:  All 5 bluebirds have hatched.  Father & mother are feeding hatchlings.
5 Bluebird Hatchlings Father Bluebird FeedingMother Bluebird Feeding Hatchlings
5/25/16:  Eggs begin to hatch!  3 of 5 hatchlings by the end of school day.  Feeding begins immediately.
Bluebird HatchlingBluebird Hatchlings
5/12/16:  How does she do it??  5 eggs and resting more today!
5 Bluebird EggsResting female bluebird

5/11/16:  And then there were 4 :)
4 Bluebird Eggs

5/10/16:  Uno! Dos!! Tres!!!  Three eggs and counting...
3 Bluebird Eggs

5/9/16: Our bluebird has been very busy.  Two eggs have arrived!
Bluebird Eggs

5/6/16: The nest improves with more bedding supplied by both male and female bluebirds.
Bluebird Nest Improves 

5/2/16: Bluebird finds a home among some pine needles provided by MYES staff.
Bluebird Movie

Hour of CODE (learn computer programming)

Scratch (computer programming)