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Hybrid Car Rider Information

Car riders will be dropped off and picked up using the loop behind the school.

Car rider pick up will be in two waves in order to minimize amount of students waiting in the gym and follow social distancing guidelines:

If you have multiple children at MYES, please arrive at 2:00. If you have only one child, please arrive at 2:15.

Your adherence to these times will greatly support our school dismissal- thank you in advance!!

MYES will continue to use the hang tag system. New families have been issued two tags per family. If you did not receive during new student tours, the tags will be distributed on the first day of your child's cohort. Former families, please use the tags issued to you previously. If you have misplaced your tags, email marsha.meredith@fcps.org.


Hybrid Bus Transportation

In order to determine what bus your student is scheduled to ride, along with pickup and drop off times, please go to the following link: Transportation Bus Routes

Click on "Bus Stop Information". Enter your street number in the first block, followed by your street name in the second block, then click "Submit." Pickup and drop off times should appear on the next screen with appropriate bus route number.


Free Breakfast and Lunch for Hybrid Students


USDA has approved FREE meals for all children 18 years old and younger!

STARTING FEBRUARY 16, all FCPS schools will serve breakfast, lunch and supper (to-go) for FREE to all children learning in school buildings on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

All meals will be individually wrapped or compartmentalized.

Free breakfast and lunch meals will be available to children in cohort A on Mondays and Tuesdays while they are in school and to children in cohort B on Thursdays and Fridays while they are in the school. On these days when students are learning in a school building, they can also take a free to-go meal home for supper that same day.

Due to the amount of food being distributed for the remainder of the days, we encourage families who want additional meals for the days when students are not in the school building learning (virtual days at home, weekends, holidays) to pick up the additional meals at the child’s school on a day when they are learning in the building or visit one of the open community sites on Wednesdays and/or Fridays from 11am-1pm to pick up the additional meals.

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