Drama Club

Defining Our Drama Program

Our Drama Program has been crafted and shaped to empower students to take full responsibility for all aspects of acting, singing, production, design, choreography, costume construction, lighting and sound. This also aligns with our school's Montessori philosophy.

The Drama Program's Foundation

Monocacy Valley Montessori School (MVMS) was opened in 2002 as the first charter school in Maryland and it serves students in grades pre-K through 8. Attendance is open to all Frederick County Public School students. The school's academic program is based on the philosophy and methods of Dr. Maria Montessori. The students, staff and families of MVMS are working together to create an enriching learning community.

MVMPCS is a small, intimate and democratic learning community where children learn actively, think critically, and solve problems creatively. MVMPCS students become responsible, confident, caring citizens who possess strong academic skills and an enduring love of learning.