MMCI Board of Trustees



                MMCI Board of Trustees -
Amy Duvall President 6/30/2019
Kathleen Lutrell Vice President for MVMPCS 6/30/2020
Liz Seal Vice President for CCMPCS 6/30/2020
Molly Fellin Spence Secretary 6/30/2019
Kevin Wilfong Treasurer 6/30/2020
Melissa Najera Assistant Treasurer 6/30/2019
Deb Korth Parent Trustee, MVMPCS 12/31/2019
Jeff Koehler Parent Trustee, MVMPCS 12/31/2019
Jonathan Philips Parent Trustee, MVMPCS 12/31/2018
Matthew Mills Parent Trustee, MVMPCS 12/31/2019
Lisa McCrohan Parent Trustee, CCMPCS 12/31/2019
Analiese Kennedy Parent Trustee, CCMPCS 12/31/2018
Susanne Abromaitis Friend Of Education 12/31/2018
Libby Miller Friend Of Education 12/31/2019
Ellie Landru MVMPCS GC chair (Non-voting) 12/31/2019
Molly Carlson CCMPCS GC chair (Non-voting) 12/31/2019