“We are a Montessori community inspiring students to become responsible, confident, caring citizen with an      enduring love of learning.”

MVMPCS is a small, intimate and democratic learning community where children learn actively, think critically and solve problems creatively. Students’ innate desire to learn is fostered using the Montessori approach: a prepared environment, hands-on materials, mixed-age classes, and self-directed learning. Students are empowered to become responsible, confident, caring citizens who possess strong academic skills and an enduring love of learning.


The vision for our school is based on the hopes and dreams of the founding members and on observations of successful schools conducted by the Carnegie Foundation that resulted in the report “The Basic School: A Community for Learning.”

  1. We will build a sense of community based on a shared vision by
    1. maintaining a school size small enough for everyone to be known by name,
    2. engaging the parents and other members of the wider community in administration, curriculum, and day to day classroom activities,
    3. developing from within the whole community norms of caring, justice, discipline and communication, and traditions of celebration,
    4. eliminating or minimizing competition, rewards, and punishments.
  2. We will give intellectual priority to the centrality of language, understood broadly as the use and study of symbols: words, numbers, and the arts. These three broad groupings will be explored at a student’s own pace with the maximum amount of autonomy and self-evaluation possible.
  3. We will develop a curriculum with coherence, based on the successful implementation of the Montessori Scope and Sequence by certified teachers and supplemented with cross-reference to the Frederick County Public School Curriculum. Our students will build a solid knowledge base through active learning in interdisciplinary projects and research and perform at or above average on all required state standardized tests. 
  4. We will create a climate for creative, active learning by:
    1. implementing the interactive, self-directive elements of the Montessori curriculum as well as the extensive use of interdisciplinary projects and research in the older grades,
    2. empowering teachers to do their creative best and making time for them to work with one another,
    3. keeping class size to a maximum of 25 students.
  5. We will educate the whole child, body, mind, and spirit by
    1. modeling core values such as honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion, self-discipline, perseverance, giving, friendship, independence, tolerance, and democracy,
    2. embodying these values in the processes in the classroom and the governance structure,
    3. maximizing the use of the arts and freeing the child’s body for movement, not only on the playground, but in the classroom,
    4. creating an opportunity for students to experience the excitement of learning new skills and knowledge, and also to reflect on the deeper purposes of life.