First Grade and Kindergarten Grading Policies

 Grades are a measure of student achievement in content standards, course outcomes, and objectives. Students grades should reflect the following: 

  • Demonstration of appropriate skills: assessed on performance-based 
  • Demonstration of knowledge of concepts: assessed through varied cognitive assessments
  • Meets student responsiblity: prepared for class, participation, follows rules for safety, works effectively with others. EEExemplary expectations: consistently exceeds curriculum standards and class requirements
    ME- Meets expectations: consistenly meets curriuclum standrads and class requirements
    AE- Approacing expectations: ability to meet curriculum standards and class requirements is marked by inconsistent performance
    DE- Developing expectations: skills necessary to meet curriculum standards and requirments are emerging

Effort: daily effort grades are assigned to each student using a 4 point rubric score (kindergarten effort grade is included in overall grade) 
4 consistenly exceeds class requirements
3 frequently meets class requirements
2  generally meets class requirements
1 minimally meets class requirements