Welcome to Colleen Dunn's Class!

Welcome to Kindergarten! I hope this year I can inspire your kindergartner to always do his/her best with reading, writing, and problem-solving (whether it be on paper or with people).

This is my fourteenth year teaching kindergarten. I've been very fortunate that all of these years have been at Middletown. I'm grateful to be teaching in a school that centers around children and involves our familes. I believe the MPS motto: "It's A Great Place To Come and Learn!" After spending some time in school, I hope that you and your child believes our school motto, too!

When I'm not at school teaching, I love spending time with my family! I stay busy by chasing my 2 daughters, McKenna (3)and Meredith (1). In my "spare" time, I enjoy scrapbooking and cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers! My husband, Greg, works in McLean. Your child will hear lots of stories about my family this year. Please don't believe all of them (especially the ones about Mr. Dunn not being able to read and write!)

If you need anything throughout the year, please feel free to call me at (204) 566-0263 or e-mail me at colleen.dunn@fcps.org.