Lesley Weir



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Weir, Lesley


2nd Grade


This is my 26th year teaching in Frederick County. I earned my undergraduate degree from Mt. St. Mary’s University where I did my student teaching in a 1st grade classroom and a 4th grade classroom. I received my Master's Degree from Hood College.  I was hired to teach 2nd grade at Hillcrest Elementary. I have spent most of my time in second grade. While at Hillcrest Elementary, I also taught math intervention and third grade. I was fortunate enough to be hired and to transfer to MPS the year it opened. This is my 13th year at MPS and I have loved every moment.  The MPS motto "MPS is a great place to come and learn" is true!


I am married to Mr. Weir. He teaches 4th grade at Middletown Elementary School. We have 3 children. Shelby is in her second year of teaching. Ethan is in the 10th grade at Boonsboro High School and Madison is in 8th grade at Boonsboro Middle School.

I am very excited to work with all of you this year. Please feel free to volunteer, visit, email, call, etc. I check my email daily, at home and at school. This is probably the best way to get in touch with me. Please let me know how we can work together to make your child’s second grade year a huge success!