Tutoring Schedule
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
2:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m.
Our ELO (Extended Learning Opportunity) Program is designed to support ALL students in the core four subject areas that are assessed with state testing. This opportunity is available to all students who choose to take advantage of the support. Please see dates, location, and instructor information below. 
        o    Mrs. Clark: 240-236-7505, jenn.clark@fcps.org: Room 515, Tuesday and Wednesday
     Algebra I:
        o    Mr. DeGrange: 240-236-7481, jonathan.degrange@fcps.org: Room 422, Wednesday and Thursday

        o   Mr. Frey: 240-236-7508, christopher.frey@fcps.org: Room 521, Tuesday and Thursday

    Social Studies:
        o    Jaime Thompson: 240-236-7455, jaime.thompson@fcps.org: Room 212, Wednesday and Thursday

     Note: Tutoring begins after school in the rooms listed, but tutors often move to the Media Center at 2:45 until 3:45: Mrs. Clark on Wednesday and Mr. DeGrange/Mr. Frey on Thursday.  

  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Algebra 1   Room 422
Room 422 before 2:45
Media Center 2:45-3:45
Math Room 521
  Room 521 before 2:45
Media Center 2:45-3:45
Social Studies   Room 212
Room 212
English/Social Studies Room 515
Media Center