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Welcome to MHS Physical Education Department!

Tim Ambrose

Ryan Cutsail

Tim Leber

Kara Nelson

Lorne Ridenour

Our mission:  Through a variety of physical activities we will develop a knowledge, understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment for a lifetime of total health and fitness.

Because of the increased level of obesity amongst America's youth, we have a tremendous opportunity and responsiblity to promote and teach healthy lifestyle habits.  We can do this by providing a variety of physical activities that will develop an understanding and appreciation for total health and fitness which in turn will establish a longer, more satisfying, higher quality of life. 

PE Power Point describing classes is posted below.  Check it out for yourself!

We offer many different possibilities for fun activity classes. Take a look at what we offer and decide what fits you best. It has been proven time and time again that physical activity on a daily basis increases your aptitude in the academic classes and in turn will increase your test scores. Make sure you sign up in February for the right courses with proper alternates because next year it will be hard to change your schedule.

Physical Education Course Descriptions