We believe the goal of exemplary attendance is an important part of our responsibility to assure that every student is fully engaged in the educational program and is learning habits that will support life long success.

**Please email attendance notes or questions to:

Click here for the attendance note form.

Unexcused Late Arrivals to School:

  • 1st - Warning
  • 2nd - Warning
  • 3rd - 30 min detention (2:20 PM - 2:50 PM)
  • 4th - Referral and 1 hour detention  (2:20 PM -3:20 PM)
  • 5th - Referral and 1 hour and a half hours detention (2:20 PM -3:50 PM)
  • 6th - Referral and 2 hour detention (2:20 PM - 4:20 PM)
  • 7th Referral – Saturday School
  • Note: Parking Privileges may be revoked after 4th unexcused late arrival


Unexcused Absences From School:

  • More than 5 in a term – grade of “F” for the term.
  • More than 10 per semester – grade of “F” and possible loss of all credit.
  • An absence can be a full day or a partial day. A student is considered absent from a class when they miss 45 minutes or more of the class.

Procedures for Excused Absences:

  • Parents are requested to call the school in the morning when a student will be absent. If a call is not received, the school will attempt to verify the absence. If parents request placement on our “call list,” they will be called automatically.
  • Regardless of any telephone contacts, students must return to school with a note written by a parent or guardian that includes: 1) student’s name, b) date(s) of absence, c) reason for absence, and d) parent signature and daytime phone number. Parents may use this form for written notes:  Attendance Note
  • If there is written verification that a medical professional saw the student in connection with the absence, the parent is encouraged to initial it and submit it with or instead of a parent’s note. 
  • If a note is not submitted within two school days following an absence, the absence is unexcused.

Vacations and College Visits

  • Certain absences for vacations and college visits may be excused with prior administrative approval.
  • To request approval, students use the Blue Request Form, available in the Front Office, and can also be found here: Request for Approval for an Excused Absence. Students and parents complete the "boxed" area first. Then, students are required to circulate the form to their teachers for signature. Lastly, students submit the form to the Attendance Secretary for administrative approval. Turn-around time is 3 days once the form is submitted to the Attendance Secretary.
  • Family vacations may be excused no more than twice during the school year for a combined maximum of 5 days.
  • Visits by students to prospective colleges will be excused up to 4 days per year. College visits must be arranged in advance and verification from the college is required for a lawful absence.

MVA Learner’s Permits
Maryland State Law requires all applicants for a learner’s permit, under the age of 16, to demonstrate acceptable school attendance in the prior school semester. To verify school attendance, students and their parents or guardians must complete SECTION A on the following form: MVA Learner's Permit School Atendance Certification   The student will then submit the form to the Attendance Secretary for completion of SECTIONS B, C, AND D.  The form will be placed in a sealed envelope for the MVA.  Please submit your form to the attendance secretary before 7:30 AM for same-day turnaround. Please do not open the envelope prior to MVA testing or it will not be accepted.  Copies of the form are also available in the Front Office.