AP Language and Composition



The Homework page is primarily a tool for those who are absent.  Students who are present should be recording their HW assignments and due dates in their agendas on a daily basis.



Week of Apr. 1

Mon. Apr. 1:

  • Memoir Presentations continued
  • 3 HO's:  Noteworthy News Guidelines, Noteworthy News Precis Example, Paraphrasing/summarizing HO-- complete first Noteworthy News--Due Thurs. Apr. 4 (article and precis due*) (database recommended*)

Tues. Apr. 2:

  • Memoir Presentations continued

Wed. Apr. 3:

  • First Draft C/E due (with copies*)
  • Memoir Presentations continued
  • Description Essays--bring folder with essays tomorrow

Thurs. Apr. 4:

  • Noteworthy News due*
  • Collect folders with both essays
  • Two noteworthy news precise due next week--Tues. Apr. 9 and Fri. Apr. 12*

Fri. Apr. 5:

Week of Apr. 8

Mon. Apr. 8:

  • Compare/Contrast RR Questions/due
  • HO:  Argument/Defin. RR Questions--Due Tues. Apr. 23*
  • Conclude Memoir Presentations
  • HO:  Showcase portfolio--read/ans. questions;  Due Dates:  Narrative--Fri. April 12; Description Thurs. 25; C/E Thurs. May 2*
  • Noteworthy News--reviewed WC information and other "issues" with completed work; Two NN due this week with the one on Friday being an "Assessment"

Tues. Apr. 9:

  • Noteworthy News #2 due (database)
  • JE: Avoiding Unnecessary Shfts--read and outline infor./reviewed (HO: Avoiding Shifts--for your review/practice at home*)
  • Peer Edit Day 1:  Cause/Effect Essay--finish Picky/Picky revisions (HW)
  • Reminder:  If absent, you are responsible for editing papers missed**
  • Final C/Effect Essay Due Mon. Apr. 15*

Wed. Apr. 10:

  • HO:  Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement (notes on # issues) and complete HO
  • Peer Edit Day 2: Cause/Effect Essay

Thurs. Apr. 11:

  • JE's:  Outling Compare/Contrast Ch. and Argumentation Ch; At a minimum, Rd. Definition Ch*

Fri. Apr. 12:

  • Noteworthy News #3 due (database)* (Assessment)
  • SP Narrative Essay due
  • Introduction to Synthesis:  Define Synthesis/copy notes from PP (as JE)
  • HO (you already have*):  What to Expect:  A, Arg, Synthesis--read, highlight and annotate Argument and Synthesis Section
  • Further notes on Synthesis and Research, including AP Exam expectations for Argument and Synthesis Essay Questions
  • HO:  Prompt for Space Synthesis Essay/Entire Space Packet (review prompt/sources, expectations for citing sources (WC vs. Synthesis Essay citing)
  • Review Arg. Ch. notes/Compare/Contrast Ch. notes
  • HO:  Outline for Arg. Essay (read, highlight, annotate for Monday)
  • HO:  Writing a Synthesis Question--Read entire packet; reviewed how to write a synthesis question/read examples of synthesis question on front of packet and specific directions on pg. 2 of how to write one
  • Brainstormed possible argument topics/thesis
  • HO:  Argument Prompt (without research*)--R, H, A/review
  • HW:  typewritten synthesis question for your upcoming argument essay (use prompt to guide you with specific topic*)--due Mon.**

Week of Apr. 15

Mon. Apr. 15:

  • C/E Final Draft Essay due
  • Typewritten synthesis question for arg. essay Due*/revised/edited
  • Reviewed thesis statements for Arg. essay (text)
  • Write thesis statements for the three synthesis questions in packet (locovores, green living, technology)
  • Review Outline format for Arg. Essay
  • HW:  Revise/edit/rewrite synthesis question and add a thesis statement (modeled from text/typewritten)-due tomorrow*

Tues. Apr. 16:

  • Synthesis Question/thesis statement due/reviewed/returned**
  • Reminder:  Description Essay Revision due Apr. 25*
  • First Draft Arg. Essay (without research due Tues. Apr. 23**
  • Wrote Synthesis Free Response Essay*


Wed. Apr. 17:

  • Reviewed outline format for synthesis essay
  • Reviewed expectations with essay (without research)--essay due Tues. Apr. 23 (with copies)
  • Reminder:  Arg/Def. RR Questions due Tues.**
  • Group analysis of Compare/Contrast Essays (Walt, Disconnected, and Lawyers)

Week of Apr. 23

Tues. Apr. 23:

  • Argument/Definition RR Questions Due (assigned over two weeks ago**)
  • First Draft Arg. Essay due (without research/need copies for group**)
  • Peer Edit Day 1:  Arg. Essay
  • Review due dates for this week*

Wed. Apr. 24:

  • Peer Edit Day 2:  Arg. Essay
  • Sentence Combining Practice and verb/personification practice
  • Second Draft Arg/Synthesis Essay with Internal cites/WC page due Mon. Apr. 29 (with copies)

Thurs. Apr. 25:

  • SP Description Essay due
  • HO:  Arg. Essay/Synthesis Essay (with research) guidelines sheet
  • MLA Format review/Purdue Owl: sample essay, internal cites, Works Cited, basic format for each*--HO's and website*

Fri. Apr. 26:

  • Continue working on Second draft Synth/Arg (with internal cites/WC)--Draft with all MLA components due Mon. Apr. 29**

Week of Apr. 29

Mon. Apr. 29:

  • Arg/Synth. Essay (with research/WC) due
  • Peer Edit Day 1 Arg/synth. Essay
  • Final Synthesis Essay--internal cites//WC due Mon May 6**
  • HO:  Arg/Synth. PP Presentation Guidelines Sheet--read/discuss--final Arg. PP Pres. due Tues. May 7**
  • Should be working on essay and PP Presentation each night**
  • HW:  Finish peer editing second paper (last three sections of revision sheet*)

Tues. Apr. 30:

  • Peer editing--discussion for essay #2
  • Continue Peer editing last essay
  • Peer Editing--WC and internal Citations
  • WC format, internal cites format and other MLA formatting issues discussed

Wed. May 1:

  • MC Full Exam practice

Thurs. May 2:

  • SP Cause/Effect Essay due
  • Free Response Essay Exam--Argument Essay

Fri. May 3:

  • Free Response Essay Exam--Rhetorical Analysis
  • Final Synthesis Essay due Monday (according to guidelines sheets)

Week of May 6

Mon. May 6:

  • Final Synthesis Essay (all parts*) due
  • MC Exam Practice

Tues. May 7:

  • Final Arg. PP Pres. due*
  • Begin Arg. PP Pres.  

Wed. May 8:

  • Arg. PP Pres.  

Thurs. May 9:

  • AP Exam Practice--rhetorical analysis free response essay

Fri. May 10:

  • Arg. PP Pres.  

Week of May 13

Mon. May 13:

  • Arg. PP Pres.  

Tues. May 14:

  • Arg. PP Pres.  

Wed. May 15:

  • AP Lang. Exam* 

Thurs. May 16:

  • Arg. PP Pres.  

Fri. May 17:

  • Arg. Essay Reflections/Reflection of writing/analysis growth (written reflection essay)

Week of May 20

Mon. May 20:

  • Arg. PP Pres.

Tues. May 21:

  • Arg. PP Pres.
  • Last Day for Seniors**

Wed. May 22:

  • Arg. PP Pres.

Thurs. May 23:

  • Arg. PP Pres. (should conclude today*)

Fri. May 24:



Week of May 28

Tues. May 28:

Wed. May 29:















Thurs.uthor  sums up the philosophy of life of the natives:  What sense is there in rushing?  Life, like the river, goes nowhere.  The whole point is to keep afloat, paddling through an unchanging iscuss what you see as positive about this philosophy and follow with the drawbacks of such a philosophy.




author  sums up the philosophy of life of the natives:  What sense is there in rushing?  Life, like the river, goes nowhere.  The whole point is to keep afloat, paddling through cuss what you see as positive