English 10 Merit

Course Syllabus and Expectations

Due February 4, 2013:  Autobiography

1/28/13 - define vocabulary and identify part of speech.

1/31/13 - vocabulary quiz tomorrow.

2/4/13 - define -cred vocabulary and identify the part of speech for each word.

2/13/13 - vocabulary definitions mhs/sites/mhs/files/Kelly.headley/cur_1.ppt

2/20/13 - complete question sheets for Chapters 9-10 in Animal Farm.

Final test on Animal Farm will be 2/25/13.

3/1/13 - vocabulary quiz
definitions: mhs/sites/mhs/files/Kelly.headley/grad.ppt

SSL Project - mhs/sites/mhs/files/Kelly.headley/SSL%20Project%202013.docx
Donation is due 3/4/13.  Students may choose to write an essay regarding service as an alternative to the donation.

mhs/sites/mhs/files/Kelly.headley/English%2010%20SSL%20essay%20option.docx - Essay prompt.

Due 3/4/13 - Macbeth, Act I questions.  Answers must be in complete sentences.

3/4/13 - define -grat vocabulary words.

There will be no vocabulary the week of 3/11/13-3/15/13.
3/11 - finish Act III questions; quiz Act III tomorrow.

March 18-22, 2013

ject vocabulary word quiz 3/22/13 mhs/sites/mhs/files/Kelly.headley/ject%20vocab.ppt (definitions)
Macbeth final test 3/20/13.
Macbeth argument essay:
     3/21/13 - selecting argument topic, writing thesis statement, and finding supporting quotes in class.
     3/22/13 - composing rough draft in class and incorporating supporting quotes.
     We will be typing the final draft in the library on 3/25-3/26/13.

4/10/13 - Choose 5 vocabulary words from this week's list and write an original sentence for each that contains context clues for the word's meaning.mhs/sites/mhs/files/Kelly.headley/Locut.doc

4/18/13 - vocabulary quiz tomorrow.  Quiz on British heroes (Gulliver, Arthur, Gawain) will be 4/22/13.

4/23/13 - path vocabulary mhs/sites/mhs/files/Kelly.headley/path%20words.ppt
                  Quiz Friday.  Complete the retake of the quiz from yesterday; Block 3 complete Direct Object worksheet.
4/29/13 - mhs/sites/mhs/files/Kelly.headley/ENG%2010%20-%20SECUT%20-%20SEQU.ppt this week's vocabulary.  Also, complete the question packet for Act 3 of Pygmalion.

5/6/13 - mhs/sites/mhs/files/Kelly.headley/ENG%2010%20-%20SENT-SENS.ppt this week's vocabulary.  Test on Pygmalion tomorrow.

5/9/13 - Pygmalion literary analysis assignment mhs/sites/mhs/files/Kelly.headley/Pygmalion%20Essay.docx

Information on writing a literary analysis mhs/sites/mhs/files/Kelly.headley/HOW%20TO%20WRITE%20A%20LITERARY%20ANALYSIS%20ESSAY_0.docx
Rought drafts are due Monday, May 13, 2013.  We will be typing the essays in class on 5/13 and 5/14.  All essays are due at the end of class on 5/14.

To Kill a Mockingbird

The online version of the novel is available at the following link:
http://tecfaetu.unige.ch/etu-maltt/R2D2/dacostj7/stic-2/ex14/epub/ex14.pdf.  Copy and paste the address in your browser.

5/17/13 - answered questions for chapters 1-3 in class.  Read chapter 4 in class.  All work not completed in class is due on Monday.

HSA - Tuesday, May 21, 2013.  See schedule for time and location.

5/22/13 - Chapters 4-6 answers due today.  Read chapters 7-8 in class; answer questions.

5/24/13 - read chapters 9-12 for Tuesday and answer the questions for each of those chapters.

Final test for To Kill a Mockingbird will be Tuesday, June 11.  The final Portfolio BCR will also be on Tuesday.