Try Out Information

2013 Try Outs

Day 1: Wednesday, August 14
            -3:00pm-6:00pm (Tryout 1) (arrive to gym between 2:15 & 2:30pm)
Day 2: Thursday, August 15
-3:00pm-6:00pm  (Tryout 2) – (arrive to gym between 2:15 & 2:30pm)
-Letters will be distributed to players at close of tryouts stating if they made the team or not (open letter off campus)

Important Reminders:
   - ALL paperwork must be filled out correctly & handed into coaches prior to taking th court on
      Saturday morning; failure to do so will prevent the athlete from trying out.
   - Athletes must be present at all tryouts to make the team; failure to be present will heavily affect the
      athlete's chances of making the team - any questions please contact the coaches.
   - Tryouts will start promptly at times displayed above. Tadiness is not acceptable; for every minute the
      athlete is late the team & athlete will then have to go through a seires of consequences (running,
      push ups, sit ups etc.) This will also follow through during the season.
   - Come in comfortable athletic gear - spandex, mesh shorts, t-shirts, volleyball shoes, sneakers, knee
      pads etc.
   - Hair must be pulled back off face during practice/games!
   - Make sure to eat a good meal prior to tryouts/nothing heavy but do eat something, nutrious.
   - Stay hydrated - bring water or gatorade, water fountains are available & water breaks will be given to
      athletes during practice.
   - Come with a positive attitude, determination to be the best, good sportsmanship & your KNIGHT
      PRIDE! And most importantly come to HAVE FUN!