English 9 Merit


The Homework page is primarily a tool for those who are absent.  Students who are present should be recording their HW assignments and due dates in their agendas on a daily basis.


Week of Sept. 4

Tues. Sept. 4

  • HO:  Voc. list and Voc. graphic(cut and complete)--complete lesson 2 voc. (gno/sci) by tomorrow
  • HO's to return and sign:  syllabus, information sheet (and anything in the first period packet**if I have you for Period 1)
  • Reviewed syllabus/classroom expectations
  • Reviewed voc. expectations
  • Discussed organizational strategies for 3 ring binder*
  • Material list given.  Please have materials asap :)


Wed. Sept. 5:

  • Voc. lesson 2 due/quiz Fri.--reviewed definitions
  • Collect sign. sheets (2) and materials (folders)--bring tomorrow please if you haven't done so :)
  • Warm-up:  survival and freedom HO--complete and turn in**/reviewed
  • Introduced the story "The Most Dangerous Game"--freedom and survival/types of games we play, etc. (take notes during discussion)

Thurs. Sept. 6:

  • HO:  Voc. lesson 2 Crossword Puzzle (finish for HW)
  • collected signature sheets
  • Please have two pocket folders by tomorrow if possible**
  • Complete prereading strategy--Look through the pgs. of the story "The Most Dangerous Game" and list anything unusual or interesting on the pages (images, photos, italics, bold words, quotes, voc., etc.)--then write a paragraph about what you predict will occur in this story; reviewed
  • Rd. Biography of author in text/take notes

Fri. Sept. 7:

  • Voc. lesson 2 (sci/gno) quiz*
  • Collected signature sheets (information sheet and syllabus)--if you didn't turn in today, you must have this on Tues. Sept. 11*****
  • Please have folders and other materials for class by Tues. Sept. 11 if you haven't already given them to me******/collected folders today
  • HO:  Voc. lesson 3 polis--due Wed. Sept. 12
  • HO:  Setting, Conflict, Character Chart for Most Dangerous Game (MDG)
  • HO:  Elements of a Short Story--read, highlight, annotate/reviewed and added additional notes about climax, setting, and character


Week of Sept. 10

Tues. Sept. 11:

  • voc. lesson 3 due Wed./Quiz Fri.(polis)
  • Read pg. 38 "Build Background" and write notes/summarize (summarizes history of Big Game Hunting)
  • Rd. Biography of author/write notes/summarize (in text at end of story)
  • HO: Character, Setting, Conflict (given last week)--complete while reading
  • Rd. pg. 39-42 of The Most Dangerous Game (complete above HO while reading/should quote details from text as well as paraphrase)
  • Closure:  How does Rainsford know where the island is located?
  • Quiz tomorrow:  Pg. 39-42*

Wed. Sept. 12:

  • Voc. Definitions/synonyms due ( should be cut and on ring at this point**)/reviewed
  • MDG Quiz pg. 29-42*
  • HO:  Article--"History of Big Game Hunting--Sport or Survival"--read, highlight, and annotate article; Then, write a paragraph that discusses the difference between hunting for "sport" or being a conservationist (taking care of endangered animals); discussed/reviewed
  • Notes on differences between the following:  poaching, sport, conservationism

Thurs. Sept. 13:

  • Voc. review:  HO--Crossword puzzle (complete)
  • Rd. MDG pg. 42-45
  • HO:  Story Map, Setting, Characters--complete Story Map (reviewed) and Characters (finish Characters for HW if not completed in class--Due tomorrow)

Fri. Sept. 14:

  • voc. lesson 3 (polis) quiz
  • Characters section of HO due today**
  • Quiz:  MDG pg. 42-45
  • Complete Setting Section of HO/reviewed


Week of Sept. 17

Mon. Sept. 17:

  • Voc. lesson 4 (dys) due tomorrow/HO of words given (no class Wed. so due date change**)
  • HO:  Buiding voc. wkst for MDG--complete/review
  • Define the word Sophistication.
  • Image Analysis pg. 46.  How does this image represent the idea of sophistication?  Written response
  • Rd. pg. 48-49/continue to take notes on original HO given (chart with setting, conflict, character)
  • quiz Thursday on rding from pg.48-49

Tues. Sept. 18:

  • Voc. chart due today/reviewed/HO Crossword puzzle--complete and review
  • Quiz MDG pg. 48-49 Thursday
  • Vocabulary Activity (Super Word Web)--modeled examples; students complete one and turn in* (blank SWW handout for own use can be downloaded from HW page**)
  • Rd. pg. 50 of MDG and take notes in Setting, Character, Conflict Chart

Wed. Sept. 19:  (no school)

Thurs. Sept. 20:

  • MDG Quiz #3 (pg. 48-49)
  • HO:  Article--"Big Game Hunting has a Long and Storied History--read, highlight and annotate article; Then answer the three given questions that ask you to connect the article to the story MDG.  Be sure to quote material from both MDG and article in your responses.

Fri. Sept. 21:

  • Voc. lesson 4 dys quiz
  • HO:  voc. lesson 5 eu (due by next Wed./Quiz Fri.)
  • MDG:  Read pg. 51-53/notes on setting, conflict, character HO (already have this)
  • Tenative Quiz on pg. 51-53 on Mon.

Week of Sept. 24

Mon. Sept. 24:

  • Voc. lesson 5 eu due NEXT WED. Oct. 3** (no voc. this week)
  • MDG Quiz (pg. 51-53)
  • Finished MDG pg. 54-57
  • Closure Questions--complete/turn in:  Why does Rainsford say he now knows "the full meaning of terror"?  AND (this is elaborated--) Referring back to the article "Big-game Hunting has a Long and Storied History", the distinction was made between "ethical hunting in which the animal is in the wild and tracking and shooting skills are required" and "canned hunts, with enclosures, bait, and animals raised on farms..."  How would you characterize this game of sport between General Zaroff and Rainsfor?  Explain using examples from the text.

Tues. Sept. 25:

  • HO:  Precise Verbs/MDG--completed/reviewed
  • HO:  Internal External Conflicts MDG--completed Internal Conflicts side of HO

Wed. Sept. 26:

  • HO:  Complete HO MDG--External Conflicts Side of HO/completed and reviewed (turn in*)--furthered with notes from class discussion during review
  • Reminder:  Narrative Benchmark on Tues. Oct. 2 and Wed. Oct 3 (please plan to be here those days**)

Thurs. Sept. 27:

  • HO:  Intro/Body/conclus graphic notes--complete the notes about writing essays

Fri. Sept. 28:

  • Reviewed details of plot of MDG
  • Reviewed basic plot diagram (Exposition through Resolution)
  • Copy outline format for writing narrative essay
  • HO:  MDG narrative prompt--read, highlight and discuss details/expectations
  • Brainstorm basic plot for your story/shared
  • Using the prompt and the outline format guidelines, write an outline for the narrative essay--DUE MONDAY**



Week of Oct. 1

Mon. Oct. 1:

  • Voc. lesson 5 eu due Wed./Quiz Fri. (you already have word list**--yellow cardstock**)
  • HW due:  Narrative outline for MDG Prompt***
  • Write first draft of MDG Narrative Essay (if you were absent last week, you will need to stay Tues. after school to make up**)

Tues. Oct. 2:

  • Narrative BM Essay

Wed. Oct. 3:

  • Narrative BM Essay
  • Voc. due/review

Thurs. Oct. 4:

  • Voc. SWW--complete for two words/reviewed list
  • HO:  "Beyond Cecil the Lion"--read, highlight and annotate article; Then, complete elaborated responses to the given questions based on what you read in the article:  define exploitation; Explain what it means to trophy hunt and expain why people partake in it; lastly, discuss the argument about trophy hunting and animal conservation.  Who wins the argument?

Fri. Oct. 5:

  • voc. lesson 5 eu Quiz
  • HO:  voc. lesson 6 hypo word list--define and also write several synonyms for each--should have completed in class/if not, HW

Week of Oct. 8

Mon. Oct. 8:

  • Voc. lesson 6 hypo due* (had time Fri. to complete)--continued review activities on Wed.
  • Unit Test MDG on Wed. Oct. 10
  • MDG Ballad Analysis:  HO-"Whatever It Takes"--complete activity on HO

Tues. Oct. 9:

  • HO:  MDG Poems--read, take notes during class discussion, ans. questions on last page of HO
  • HO:  Study Guide Questions MDG--finish for HW as review for test
  • MDG Unit Test tomorrow**

Wed. Oct. 10:

  • MDG Unit Test
  • Voc. review activity--SWW

Thurs. Oct. 11:

  • HO:  Sentence Structure Notes graphic organizer--take notes from PP Presentation on fragments and Run-ons
  • HO:  wkst on frag and run ons--completed and reviewed (use subordinating conjunctions from list to correct run on sentences)
  • Copy chart of subordinating conjunctions from textbook*
  • Quiz tomorrow on Fragments and Run ons

Fri. Oct. 12:

  • Voc. Quiz Lesson 6 eu
  • Quiz Fragments and Run ons
  • HO:  Simple Sentences--subjects and verbs--complete/review
  • HO:  Run Ons--complete and review (use subordinate conj. to complete sentences)

Week of Oct. 15

Mon. Oct. 15:

  • NO voc. this week
  • Rd. The Censors (orange textbook) and ans. given questions

Tues. Oct. 16:

  • Revised and Wrote final copy of MDG essay

Wed. Oct. 17:

  • HO's:  poems/excerpts "Summer" and "Ecclesiastes"--ans. questions on HO's as well as complete the HO/graphic organizer for poetry/ballads (tone, figurative language, theme, imagery)

Thurs. Oct. 18:

  • HO's: "Seven Ages of Man" and "Uphill"(Uphill is on back of Summer HO**)
  • Read and ans. questions on HO for Uphill/also complete graphic org. for poetry/ballads (draw your own chart based on HO from yesterday**)
  • Paragraph Writing:  Discuss what people think they will experience in "The Golden Years".  Also, discuss how contemporary society views the elderly.  Reviewed.

Fri. Oct. 19:

  • Read "Seven Ages of Man" and answer questions on HO/complete graphic org. for poetry/ballads as well/reviewed
  • Background of Shakepeare


Week of Oct. 22:

Mon. Oct. 22:

  • HO:  Voc. lesson 7 string/strict--due tomorrow/quiz Fri.--definitions and synonyms
  • HO:  poem--"The Roads of Life Keep Winding Up and Down"--complete graphic organizer as analysis/reviewed

Tues. Oct. 23:

  • Voc. due/SWW for stringent
  • HO:  "The Long and Winding Road" ballad--read and analyze ballad (write responses to questions from HO and complete graphic organizer--tone, theme, etc.)
  • HO:  Writing Literary Analysis--read, highlight and annotate/reviewed
  • Listen to ballad "The L and WR"--analyzed the difference in tone and diction (written vs. song)

Wed. Oct. 24:

  • HO: Writing Literary Analysis--reviewed/further discussed expectations of explanations and quotes
  • HO:  Paragraphs Literary Analysis--completed example using Giver examples from the "Writing Literary Analysis" HO
  • Use Paragraph Lit. Analysis graphic organizer to write a literary analysis paragraph for the prompt about Theme (on back of HO)
  • HO:  Voc. Crossword Puzzle/complete and review

Thurs. Oct. 25:

  • Warm-up:  list some of societies social ills (like poverty and homelessness) and explain what if anything society is doing to conquer these "ills".
  • HO:  ballad--"In the Ghetto"--read, highlight and analyze the ballad; complete the Four Square Chart/reviewed
  • Finished literary analysis paragraphs/collected*

Fri. Oct. 26:

  • Voc. lesson 7 string/strict Quiz--on Mon. Oct. 29**
  • HO:  Read story "The Man to Send Rain Clouds"
  • HO:  Complete the quiz for short story "The Man TSRC"


Week of Oct. 29:

Mon. Oct. 29:

  • Voc. lesson 7 Quiz
  • No voc. list this week**/end of semester
  • HO:  ballad--"Cat's in the Cradle"--background of author; discussion of social ills in society; read and complete Four Square Chart/reviewed
  • Literary Analysis Essay Benchmark Wed. Oct. 30**

Tues. Oct. 30:

  • Literary Analysis Practice Essay (HO's with prompt and texts)/completed in class
  • Review HO on writing literary analysis--focus on incorporating quotes and grammar and mechanics*

Wed. Oct. 31:

  • Literary Analysis BM

Thurs. Nov. 1:

  • Literary Analysis BM concluded*

Fri. Nov. 2:

  • Warm-up:  Write an elaborated paragraph discussing what our world would be like without possessions.
  • HO:  ballad--"Imagine"--complete Four Square Analysis chart (tone, theme, figurative lang. and imagery)
  • End of Term 1*


Week of Nov. 5

Wed. Nov. 7:

  • Term 2 begins*
  • MD State Survey completion*
  • No voc. this week but work ahead on lesson 8 for next week**(omni)
  • HO:  Freddie the Leaf short story--complete the Four Square analysis chart for the short story (tone, theme, imagery, figurative language, etc.)

Thurs. Nov. 8:

  • Define DESIRE and PURPOSE and discuss what you see as the difference between the two.
  • Review theme, tone, figurative language and imagery of "The Fall of Freddie the Leaf"
  • Write paragraph discussing what you see as your Purpose in life.
  • HO: poem  "Desiderata" and complete the Four Square Analysis Chart
  • Life's Journey Unit Test--Mon. Nov. 12**

Fri. Nov. 9:

  • Life's Journey Unit Test Mon. Nov. 12
  • HO:  Review Themes and More--complete an review (requires you to reread each poem, ballad, ss)--complete/review
  • HO:  Study Guide Questions (use to further prepare for unit test)--HW

Week of Nov. 12

Mon. Nov. 12:

  • Voc. lesson 8 omni--chart due Wed./Quiz Fri.
  • HO:  Voc. list-define/synonyms
  • HO:  voc. image activity guidelines--image for one word from lesson 8 due Wed. following given guidelines
  • Unit Test Life's Journey**

Tues. Nov. 13:

  • Introduction to the novel The Pigman (handed out novels/blue cards)
  • HO:  "Introducing the Novel: Zindel Biography"--read, highlight and annotate.  Annotations should ask questions about the reading and further comment on the importance of the specific details of the piece.
  • HO:  "Journey to Meet the Pigman" worksheet and the HW page has the accompanying article.  Rd. the article and answer the questions on the worksheet--finish for HW--due tomorrow.
  • Make predictions about the content of the upcoming text based on the HO's/texts from class today.
  • The Pigman text given/blue card completed

Wed. Nov. 14:

  • Voc. lesson 8 chart and image due/reviewed
  • HW due:  "Journey to Meet the Pigman" wkst (collected)
  • Write elaborated paragraphs:  Discuss the qualities that a friend possesses.  Who are your friends and why are they your friends?  What do you like or dislike about them?  How are they like or unlike you.  Provide specific examples as support.
  • Novel reading:  Rd. and take notes during class reading/discussion--Rd. Ch. 1 and part of Ch. 2 in class
  • HW:  finish Ch. 2 tonight and complete study guide while reading
  • HO:  Study Guide questions for The Pigman (you should use these to guide your reading in class and at HOME each night).
  • You potentially could have reading check quizzes after any assigned reading from class and home so be prepared each day throughout the reading of this novel*****NOTE:  If you are absent, you are still responsible for the reading as it will be listed on the HW page each day so don't fall behind b/c of an absence.

Thurs. Nov. 15: SNOW DAY

Fri. Nov. 16:

  • Voc. lesson 8 Quiz omni
  • Reviewed Ch. 3 Pigman
  • Should be completing study guide along with reading**
  • HW:  finish reading Ch. 4 Pigman
  • Quiz Ch. 1-4 on Mon. Nov. 19**

Week of Nov. 19

Mon. Nov. 19:

  • No voc. this week, but work ahead on Lesson 9 for next week (image will be due next Wed.**)
  • Quiz:  Ch. 1-4 The Pigman*
  • Rd. Ch. 5 of Pigman and complete study guide

Tues. Nov. 20:

  • HO:  voc. words for next week--define and add synonyms; due Wed.; Reminder:  Voc. image for lesson 9 will be due Wed. Nov. 28 as well
  • Warm-up paragraph response:  discuss what items you collect that are meaningful to you.  Explain why they are meaningful
  • HO:  Character Analysis Chart for Pigman (complete/collected)

Wed. Nov. 21:

  • Rd.the play Sorry, Right Number in orange text bk; ans. warm-up question


Week of Nov. 26:

Mon. Nov. 26:

  • Voc. lesson 9 flect/flex due Wed (you received word list BEFORE break)--definitions/synonyms and Image due Wed./Quiz Fri. Nov. 30*
  • Rd. Pigman Ch. 6--(finish last couple of pages of Ch. 6 for HW--due tomorrow)--complete study guide while reading
  • Written response:  Who are you?  Choose two character traits to describe yourself and then provide two specific, personal examples per trait of your words, actions or thoughts that support the traits.

Tues. Nov. 27:

  • Rd. Ch. 7 of Pigman (finish last six pages for HW--due tomorrow)
  • Warm-up: (complete with elaborated responses to each question)--
    Discuss why you think Zindel (through John and Lorraine) lets readers know from the beginning that the Pigman will die.  How does the revelation of this fact affect the tone and suspense created by the book?  How does it affect your response to the characters—particularly John, Lorraine, Mr. Pignati, and Norton?
    Lastly, discuss and decide whether or not you prefer that Mr. Pignati’s death was revealed at the beginning.  Provide reasons for your response.

Wed. Nov. 28:

  • Voc. list and Image due/reviewed voc. definitions and images
  • Rd. Ch. 8 of Pigman (finish last for pages of Ch. for HW)--complete study guide while reading
  • Quiz:  Ch. 5-9 of Pigman tomorrow**

Thurs. Nov. 29:

  • Pigman Ch. 5-9 Quiz
  •  Describe a time when you have felt lonely.  What emotions did you feel?  Why were you lonely?  How did you deal with your loneliness?


If you have never felt lonely, explain why you think you have never felt this way.  How are you personally fulfilled?

Lastly, what is the difference between being ALONE and being LONELY

  • *HO:  Voc. crossword puzzle--complete for HW as review


Fri. Nov. 30

  • Voc. Quiz lesson 9 flect/flex
  • HO:  poem--"The Rider"--read and ans. questions on back (turn in paragraph about loneliness from warm-up yesterday and HO questions together*)
  • HO:  voc. lesson 10 list tort/tors--image and words due next Wed.

Week of Dec. 3

Mon. Dec. 3:

  • Voc. lesson 10 tort/tors chart list and image due Wed./Quiz Fri.
  • Choose two traits that describe you and then provide two examples per trait that support how this trait represents you.
  • T Chart--Explain how John is like/unlike his father and how Lorraine is like/unlike her mother.  Use book examples to support your response.
  • Read Ch. 9 The Pigman

Tues. Dec. 4:

  • Read speech from orange textbook (see me for infor.)

Wed. Dec. 5:

  • image/chart list due/reviewed
  • Read Ch. 10 The Pigman and ans. study guide questions

Thurs. Dec. 6:

  • List three examples from Ch. 9 or 10 of Foreshadowing (The Pigman) and explain what you think each example might be forshadowing.
  • Rd. Ch. 11 and 12 (complete study guide questions for HW)
  • Quiz tomorrow The Pigman Ch. 9, 10, 11, 12*

Fri. Dec. 7:

  • Voc. leson 10 tort/tors quiz
  • The Pigman Quiz Ch. 9-12*
  • Rd. Ch. 13/complete study guide for HW
  • HO:  Voc. list lesson 11 fract/frag--complete definitions/synonyms and Image by next Wed. Dec. 12*


Week of Dec. 10

Mon. Dec. 10:

  • Voc. list lesson 11 fract/frag--complete definitions/synonyms and Image Wed. Dec. 12*
  • Complete warm-up about House and Home/The Pigman
  • HO:  The Pigman Ch. 9-11 Reading Check wkst--complete using book examples
  • Research Simulation Benchmark on Wed. Dec.19**


Tues. Dec. 11:

  • Complete SWW for the following two voc. words:  infraction and fragment/reviewed
  • Rd. Ch. 14-15 of The Pigman (finished book*)--HW:  complete study guide for each chapter
  • Unit Test The Pigman Thurs. Dec. 13*

Wed. Dec. 12:

  • List and Image due*/reviewed images, voc. words
  • HO:  Pigman Study Review activity

Thurs. Dec. 13:

  • Unit Test:  The Pigman

Fri. Dec. 14:

  • Voc. lesson 11 fract/frag quiz
  • collect The Pigman text*
  • HO's:  argument outline and argument (research simulation) rubric--discussion/notes on both
  • Notes on Internal citations (can further review MLA/internal citations on Purdue Owl website*)
  • Notes on plagiarism, synthesis, paraphrasing vs. summarizing and quoting
  • HO:  Practice Exam Research simulation--review of contents and expectations

Week of Dec. 17

Mon. Dec. 17:

  • Practice Research Simulation exam/essay

Tues. Dec. 18:

  • Notes on conjunctive adverbs and subordinating conjunctions pg. 592-593 in text.
  • Complete Ex. A.pg. 593 (use directions in text but also state if the word is a sub. conj. or conj. adverb)
  • Complete Ex. B. pg. 594 (Use these directions: write complete sentences--you are combining sentences using sub. conj. or conj. adverb; then, draw a box around/or highlight the sub. conj./conj. adv and label it as sub. conj. or conj. adv.)

Wed. Dec. 19:

  • Research Simulation BM* essay

Thurs. Dec. 20:

  • Researc Simulation BM concluded*

Fri. Dec. 21:

  • Guidance Naviance presentation

Week of Jan. 2

Wed. Jan. 2:

  • Rd "The Necklace" and ans. questions at end of short story

Thurs. Jan. 3:

  • HO:  Persuasion Notes Graphic
  • Complete notes on persuasion notes graphic (from class PP Presentation/discussion)--through Strong Verbs

Fri. Jan. 4:

  • Complete notes on persuasion notes graphic (strong verbs through Quotes
  • HO:  voc. lesson 12 ten/tent/tin--definitions and image due Wed. Jan. 9*

Week of Jan. 7

Mon. Jan. 7:

  • Voc. 12 def/image due Wed. Jan. 9
  • Warm-up:  Define the word CIVIL.  Define the word RIGHTS.  Now, define the word civil rights and write an elaborated paragraph discussion some of our civil rights and the importance of not taking those for granted. Reviewed.
  • Finish notes on Argumetation/persuasion graphic*--Quiz this week on notes packet*

Tues. Jan. 8:

  • HO:  MLK I Have a Dream speech
  • HO:  graphic organizer for speech
  • Read, highlight and annotate speech
  • Complete Purpose, Audience and Appeals on graphic organizer/reviewed
  • Quiz ON THURSDAY ---Persuasion Strategies**

Wed. Jan. 9:

  • Voc. Lesson 12 def. due/image due (assigned Fri. Jan. 4)****
  • Reviewed voc. def/images
  • HO's:  The Gettysburg Address versions and graphic organizer
  • Read, highlight and Annotate the versions of The GA and complete graphic organizer (turn in graphic org.**)
  • Quiz tomorrow on Persuasion Strategies**
  • Research and write answers to the questions on Lincoln and Speech*

Thurs. Jan. 10:

  • Quiz ---Persuasion Strategies (rescheduled for Fri.)
  • HO:  voc. crossword puzzle/complete and review
  • Continued the graphic organizer for MLK speech.  Finished section through Common Ground.

Fri. Jan. 11:

  • Quiz ---Persuasion Strategies
  • Quiz voc. lesson 12 tin/tent

Week of Jan. 14

Mon. Jan. 14:

  • snowday

Tues. Jan. 15:

  • No voc.
  • Analyze the ballad "Pride" using four square chart
  • Unit Test Persuasion/MLK/Ballads Thursday*

Wed. Jan. 16:

  • Unit Test Persuasion/MLK/Ballads tomorrow**
  • MLK/persuasion Crossword puzzle completion (HO)

Thurs. Jan. 17:

  •  MLK/Persuasion Unit Test*

Fri. Jan. 18:

  • Define the term Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.  Note some of the causes and symptoms of the disease/discuss
  • Distributed novel Pop.  Rd. Ch. 1 and 2
  • HW:  Rd. Ch. 3-4 of novel

Week of Jan. 21


Tues. Jan. 22:

  • Presentation by local law enforcement*Rd. Ch. 5 of Pop--due tomorrow*
  • Write four questions that you might ask the Officer's during Q & A session

Wed. Jan. 23:


Thurs. Jan. 24:

Fri. Jan. 25: