English 9 Honors

The Homework page is primarily a tool for those who are absent. Students who are present should be recording their HW assignments and due dates in their agendas on a daily basis.



Tues. May 7:

  • Introduction to Argumentation/Synthesis--define Argumentation, Persuasion and Synthesis/review
  • HO:  Notes graphic for argumentation presentation--complete notes during presentation/discussion
  • Quiz on Arg. notes next Tues. May 14**
  • Research Simulation BM next Tues. and Wed. (May 14-15)*

Wed. May 8:

  • Voc. chart due/review
  • Finish Arg. notes
  • Introduction to MLA format/Purdue Owl https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/purdue_owl.html   --Use this source for MLA formatting (read and take notes on each of the following sections reviewed in class:  MLA Guide, MLA Style Introduction, MLA Style Guide (general format), Basic in-text citation rules, and MLA Sample Works Cited Page)
  • Research Simulation format--reviewed expectations/notes
  • Define Plagiarism and paraphrasing
  • HO:  Research Simualtion Formative Essay--Focus:  Format of prompt sheet, documenting/paraphrasing--using internal citations, organization of RS Essay
  • Read each Source (articles/song) from Formative Essay packet and take notes

Thurs. May 9:

  • Research Simulation practice 

Fri. May 10:

  • Voc. Quiz Lesson 11 fract/frag
  • Define the word CIVIL.  Define the word RIGHTS.  Now, define the term Civil Rights.  List five or more of our civil rights and explain the importance of each.  Lastly, write an elaborated paragraph discussing why it is important to not take our civil rights for granted.  Provide examples to support your response.
  • 2 HO's:  MLK "I Have a Dream" speech and Graphic organizer (to analyze the arg. strategies in the speech)--read the speech and complete the Purpose and Audience section of the graphic organizer.  Be sure to provide examples from the text in your response.
  • Reminder:  Research Simulation BM next Tues. and Wed.

Week of May 13

Mon. May 13:

  • Voc. lesson 12 ten/tin/tent due Wed., Quiz Fri.
  • Reminder:  Argumentation Quiz tomorrow*
  • Complete MLK "I Have a Dream" analysis Chart (two examples for each element of argumentation and clear explanations for each example*)/reviewed

Tues. May 14:

  • Research Simulation BM essay
  • Argumentation Quiz

Wed. May 15:

  • Research Simulation BM essay
  • Voc. due

Thurs. May 16:

  • voc. review/SWW for two words:  tenure and sustenance
  • Define Pride.  List eight words that you associate with the word pride.  Write an elaborated paragraph discussing how pride can be both positive and negative.
  • HO:  Four Square analysis chart--Rd. "Pride" and complete analysis chart/review
  • Unit Test:  MLK Dream Speech and Ballads Unit Test (Argumentation)--Tues. May 21*

Fri. May 17:

  • voc. lesson 12 Quiz ten/tent/tin
  • HO:  ballad "Black and White"--read, highlight and annotate/complete four square chart analysis (theme, tone, argumentation strategies, etc.)
  • Compare/Contrast tone and theme to MLK Dream Speech

Week of May 20

Mon. May 20:

  • Voc. lesson 13 mon/monit due Wed./Quiz Fri.
  • Read "Glory and Hope" by N. Mandela and complete given questions (in orange text)


Tues. May 21:

  • MLK Dream and Ballads Unit Test (Argumentation)

Wed. May 22:

  • Voc. due
  • Write elaborated response to the following:  Why might someone choose to dumpster dive?  What are the pros and cons of dumpster diving? 
  • HO:  Basic Questions for Rhetorical Analysis--reviewed/expectations
  • HO:  "Dumpster Diving:  Sifting for Dumped Treasure"--read, highlight and annotate; complete Basic Questions HO (make own chart modeled from HO and ans. questions based on information read in article*)/reviewed

Thurs. May 23:

  • Voc. review/ SWW for two words (premonition/monition)
  • Continue argumentation/Dumpster Diving activities--completed review of "Sifting" article/basic questions
  • HO:  "Urban Robinhood"--read, highlight and annotate and complete Basic Questions based on inform read in "UR" article
  • Reviewed RS BM Essay/rubric; reviewed effective thesis statements, topic sentences, incorporation of research, etc.

Fri. May 24: 

  • Voc. lesson 13 Quiz mon/monit
  • HO:  France to Force Big Supermarkets"--read, highlight and annotate and complete Basic Questions based on infor. read in article/reviewed

Week of May 28

Tues. May 28:

  • HO:  Prompt--DD Argument--write outline and then complete first draft Essay (review thesis statements, Intro. and Conclusions/attention devices, sentence variety/sentence structure)

Wed. May 29:

Thurs. May 30:

  • "A State is not a state if it belongs to one man"--Sophocles--Copy the quote.  Write an elaborated paragraph that reflects on the meaning of the quote.  Next, reference specific current or historical events or people to support your analysis.
  • HO's (2):  Sophocles Biogram and Outline--read, highlight and annotate the Biogram.  Then, complete the outline, using the infor. from the Biogram reading.  Reviewed.
  • Quiz:  Sophocles and Greek Theatre:  Tues. June 4*

Fri. May 31:

  • Reviewed Sophocles Biogram notes
  • 2 HOs (see attached*)--Sophocles and Greek Theatre and Sophocles Greek Drama Outline--read, highlight and annotate; elaborate outline using information from first HO/reviewed
  • Notes on Structure of Greek Play/reviewed structure in text
  • Text assigned/blue card completed*


Week of June 3

Mon. June 3:

  • notes on Greek burial rituals, ideas of fate, and Oedipus story
  • Reminder:  Quiz tomorrow/Soph and Greek Theatre
  • HO:  Antigone Prologue/Parados Study Guide
  • Rd. Prologue/Parados--should be taking notes during/after reading
  • Notes/discussion of Conflict of play, tone presented in Prologue, initial character development

Tues. June 4:

  • Sophocles and Greek Theatre Quiz
  • HO:  Epis. 1 Study Guide/Rd and write notes on Episode 1
  • HW:  Read and write notes on Stas. 1 "Wonders are Many..."

Wed. June 5:

  • Review Stas. 1
  • HO's:  (2)  Translations of Stas 1 and Chart--complete chart (if abs., get directions from me*)/review; also, note tone for each translation and support tone with examples from text/review;
  • Sophoclean Quote:  "Numberless are..."

Thurs. June 6:

  • Rd. Epis 2/Stas 2
  • HO:  Study Guide Epis 2/Stas 2
  • Sophocles Quote:  "It is the task of a good man to help those in misfortune"--write elaborated paragraph response/support with specific examples from past/present
  • HW:  Choice/Consequences Wkst--Antigone (complete according to class directions*)--due tomorrow
  • Antigone Unit Test next week*

Fri. June 7:

  • Rd. Epis 3/Stas 3
  • HO:  Study Guide Epis 3/Stas 3
  • Antigone Unit Test next week*
  • Choices/Consequences Antigone Wkst due*
  • Sophocles Quote:  "Whoever thinks his friend..."


Week of June 10

Mon. June 10:

  • Sophocles Quote
  • HO:  Voc. Image--follow these guidelines (along with assigned lesson #) to complete image assignment--due tomorrow
  • HO:  Epis 4/Stas 4--Rd. Epis 4/Stas 4
  • Prol-Stas 4 Antigone Quiz tomorrow*
  • Antigone Unit Test--Fri. June 14*

Tues. June 11:

  • Antigone Quiz Prol-Stas 4
  • Rd. Epis5/Stas5--HO: Study Guide Epis 5 Stas 5
  • Write an elaborated paragraph discussing how you think Haemon and Creon handled the discussion with one another (Episode 4).  What advice would you have given each of them?  Be sure to comment on the appeals used by each in their conversation.  
  • Voc. Image due

Wed. June 12:

  • Rd. Exodus/notes
  • notes on Tragic hero/tragic flaw/classical Tragedy
  • Analyze the character of both Creon and Antigone.  Provide character traits and examples of actions and words from text to support traits.  Define each as a tragic hero based on notes.  Include lines from text to support your response.
  • Unit Test Fri. June 14**

Thurs. June 13:

  • HO:  Antigone CW Puzzle
  • HO:  ballad "Gone, Gone, Gone"--ballad analysis
  • Tragic Hero--Creon and Antigone

Fri. June 14:

  • Antigone Unit Test
  • Antigone text collected*

Week of June 17

Mon. June 17:

Tues. June 18:  Have a wonderful summer :)