AP Psychology Information

The AP Psychology course is designed around achievement on the AP Psychology Exam administered by the College Board.  
AP Psych is meant to be a suitable replacement for an Introductory Psychology course, such as Psych 101, offered at most universities.  However, in some ways its demands in this course are more intense.
Students should plan to have homework every night, consisting mostly of textbook reading & diligent note-taking.  Exams in the course are designed around the format of the real AP Exam--students should be ready for 100 multiple choice questions and, as the semester progresses, essays.

Many people ask, "What is Psychology and can I pass the exam?"

To answer the first question, mostly, the course is meant to shed light on human existence and experience.  This is a general course that covers many, many different types of topics related to the human mind and human behavior.  I think that there is something interesting out there for everyone.

As for passing the exam, I support all students taking this exam and, with the help of friends and family, I firmly believe that every student who wishes to apply the necessary effort, has the talent to pass the AP exam.  The exam itself is set up with a 1-5 score, where scores of 3, 4, and 5 are passing.  

In the face of challenges due to crowded schedules, extracurriculars, early test scores that are not as encouraging as hoped for, etc., it is up to each student to have the courage to give an honest attempt at passing the exam.   There are some who will easily score a 4 or 5.  There are many more who will have to put in "5" work to earn a 3.  Those are often the most enjoyable successes and I hope to watch many of these unfold this year.