Textbook: Precalculus with Limits, second edition,  Ron Larson

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Materials: Notebook, pencils, and a graphing calculator, TI 83, TI 84, or TI 83 plus, TI 84 plus



Honors courses are designed for students who consistently exceed the objectives and expectations of the
essential curriculum, both in terms of content knowledge and application. Coursework includes an
emphasis on abstract material and requires extensive independent work, self-discipline, and commitment to meet rigorous expectations and timelines. Successful completion of Honors coursework will prepare students for post-high school education.
Precalculus is a recommended elective for each of the Frederick County Career Pathways, and will be especially useful for those interested in the Industrial Engineering and Technology Pathway, as well as, The Natural Resources and Agriculture Pathway.
We continue to reinforce the Core Learning Goals from Algebra and Geometry, as well as, the Skills for success—to work effectively with others, think critically and strategically to solve problems, and use technology to justify our solutions.
Course Objectives: Use and value the connections between algebra and geometry.
           Represent and analyze properties of functions and relations.
           Solve problems that are modeled by trigonometric functions.
           Apply trigonometry to problem situations involving triangles.
           Represent and solve problem situations using sequences and series.
           Investigate the conceptual foundations of limits.
Evaluation: Students will be graded on the following for each term:
Assignments                            5%   (Completetion)
Skills and Comprehension      15% (Skills Checks & Graded Assignments)
Quizzes                                  30%
Tests                                      50%
Note: A County Final Exam will be given at the end of this course. It includes a free response section, and a multiple-choice section. Both parts of the exam will have a calculator portion, and a NO Calculator portion, modeling the AP exams given in Calculus.
Final grade: the final grade for the course will be determined as follows:
                     Term 1 (50%), Term 2 (50%)  The Final Exam will count as a test grade in Term 2.
                      Note:  Any student who fails Term 2 will be recommended to repeat the course.