Online Teaching & Learning Course 2016


Career Research & Development 2

Unit 1: Welcome to the World of Work!

It is expected that these activities will take place over several days.

Listed below are the objectives of this unit.  Before beginning each activity, please take the time to review these objectives.


Unit Objectives:


CT.ACDP.03 Workplace Advancement- Develop an awareness of attitudes and skills

required to become a successful employee.


CT.ACDP.03.01 Analyze and evaluate personal qualities that are important to succeed in the workplace and maintain employment.


CT.ACDP.03.02 Discuss the impact attendance and punctuality has on a company.


CT.ACDP.03.03 Identify and discuss the rules of proper workplace conduct.


CT.ACDP.03.04 Identify and discuss opportunities for employees to demonstrate initiative.


CT.ACDP.03.05 Compare the qualities, styles, and techniques of effective business leaders.


CT.ACDP.03.06 Compare and contrast employer and employee expectations in the workplace.


CT.ACDP.03.07 Identify appropriate expectations for work relationships.


CT.ACDP.03.09 Demonstrate connections between positive attitude and job success.

As you proceed through the lessons below, you need to complete all 5 activities and 3 assessments listed.


Lesson Title: Are you a good employee?


Activity 1:  Introduction/Warm-Up


Would you work for you?  As employees, we all have strengths and areas where we could improve.  Think about your strengths and areas that could use some improvement, and complete the form by clicking on this link:



Main Content


 Activity 2:  Blogging

Think about this:  What does it take to be a good employee?  A valuable employee?  A trusted employee?  Project qualities on the screen.  In this activity, you need to blog your opinion, and react to at least 2 other students’ responses.

Activity 3:  Textbook Research

In this next activity, we are going to examine the qualities that employers are looking for in employees as they go through the hiring process.  We will explore the qualities that you mentioned in the previous activities as well as some others that are included in our textbook.


You have been assigned a quality to research that is listed in our textbook, From School to Work on pages 50-63.


Student 1       Positive Attitude

Student 2       Good Attendance

Student 3       Punctuality

Student 4       Performance

Student 5       Organizational Ability

Student 6       Initiative

Student 7       Cooperation

Student 8       Being A Part of a Team

Student 9      Working with your Supervisor

Student 10    Courtesy

Student 11    Personal Appearance

Student 12    Good Health & Fitness

Student 13    Ethics in the Workplace

Student 14    Honesty

Student 15    Confidentiality

Student 16    Loyalty

Student 17    Accepting Criticism


Assessment #1


After you have read about the quality you were assigned, you need to draw a picture that illustrates the main essence of the quality you researched.  


After completing the drawing, you need to present your drawing to the class and explain the meaning behind it, and why this quality would be one that an employer would desire.


Click on the link and review some examples from previous classes: (screencast)


After you have completed Assessment #1, watch the videos below and be prepared to write about what you have learned in Assessment #2.


Video -  10 Desirable Employee Work Traits (5:05)


Video -  Go the Extra Mile (2:16)



Assessment #2



ECR – Extended Constructed Response:


Desired Job Qualities:  In a well written ECR, identify and explain two qualities that you feel are the most important for success on a job.  Also identify one area that you need to work on and explain why.


Click on this link to begin your response:



Activity 4:  Work Photos



3 photos activity:


People say that a picture is worth a thousand words!  I don’t want you to write a thousand words, but I would like you to review the pictures of people at work and give each a title.  In addition, what do you see happening in each picture?



Activity 5:  Research Segment


Think about 3 careers that may have interested you in the past and choose 1 to research more in-depth.  


Using the Occupational Outlook Handbook Website, research your chosen career.  Click on the link below for a brief tour of the OOH website.  (screencast)



Assessment #3


After researching the career, you will put together a PowerPoint or some other form of multimedia to explain to the class what is required in order to work in your chosen career field.  Click on the link below for a brief look at a previously made PPT.  (screencast)



Summary and conclusions:


You need to be prepared to discuss your findings and what you have learned about yourself, your career options and qualities that employers are looking for when we get together as a full class.