Drawing & Painting I

Middletown High School

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Drawing and Painting I

> Contact Information

Donna Lehman

E-mail: donna.lehman@fcps.org

Phone: 240.236.7400

> Introduction
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the drawing and painting program at Middletown High School. I believe this is an excellent opportunity for students to explore several drawing and painting mediums. Students will produce several drawings and paintings using different techniques and styles.


> Course Objectives

Students will be able to…

- Learn art concepts through the elements of art and principles of design.

- Explore a variety of art materials, mediums, techniques, and styles.

- Improve basic artistic skills.

- Be introduced to art history and appreciation.

- Create projects that yield individual creativity and personal interpretation.


> Grading Policy
      (70% of the Course Grade)
       Projects are worth 40 points. Projects are graded on a rubric system:


40 points



10 points

- Did the student follow the objective of the project?

- We will go over the objective and assignment for each project

  and students will get a handout on each project.


10 points

- Composition based Foreground, Middle ground, Background,

   Rule of Thirds, Division of Space

Color and Value

10 points

- Full range in values, rich

- Use of color(s) and color scheme


10 points

- Effort to create something that challenges you.

- The work is unique and demonstrates devoted time.

    If the project is not turned in by the due date it will be late (1-7 days late minus 5 points, 8-14 days late minus 9 points)
    Two  weeks after the last class day the project will not be accepted for credit (0 out of 40).

 (20% of the Course Grade)
                Critiques: verbal (15-20 points) and written critiques (25-30 points). Critiques are at the end of each
                                   project. Verbal critique grading is based on Comments and Etiquette.

- Comments: Student are required to make 4 comment based on Analysis, Judgment, and or Interpretation.

- Etiquette: Students are required to be polite, quiet and attentive to their peers during critiques

  (10% of the Course Grade)
                Classwork: including warm-ups, weekly assessment, exercises, and sketches (10-30 points)  

TAC Grades: Monitor your progress online at https://hac.fcps.org/HomeAccess/Account/LogOn?ReturnUrl=%2fHomeAcces


Website:  For weekly student assignments and homework visit the Digital Photo I link at http://education.fcps.org/mhs/lehman

Academic Dishonesty: Students may not give or receive unauthorized aid on any assignment. Students will be held to the expectations and actions included in the MHS Honor Code found in the Student Handbook.


> Tutoring: I am available usually Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:15 pm – 2:45 pm. See me for availability.

> Instructional Materials
Students are required to bring pencil (not mechanical), eraser, notebook paper, and folder with pockets to class daily. It is recommended that students buy a sketchbook or art journal (spiral bound not ruled). 

>Classroom Rules
Be in your seat on time and immediately begin the warm up.
Bring all necessary materials to class.
Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
Be respectful. No swearing, teasing, or yelling.
Be respectful of all art and school materials.
Follow all directions. No headphones.

> Student Expectations

READY: Focused and alert | Bring required materials | Assigned work completed | Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings

RESPECTFUL: Observe classroom safety guidelines | Honor commonalities and celebrate differences | Support and encourage classmates | Use appropriate
                             language at appropriate times

RELENTLESS: Complete all assignments on time and with integrity | Give your best effort | Be open to feedback and capitalize on opportunities to improve

> Discipline Procedure

1.       Verbal Warning

2.       Individual Conference with the Student and Parent Contact

3.       After-School Detention and Parent Contact

4.       Referral

The following Behaviors are considered serious classroom offenses and warrant immediate office referral:

1.       Destroys Property                                                  

2.       Refuses to do what the teacher instructs

                3.       Behavior stops class              

4.       Hurt another person