CC Algebra B

> Contact Information

Sharon Szpara


Phone: 240.236.7512


> Introduction

Algebra 1 is the foundation of all higher mathematical skills.  Development of mathematical skills and reasoning skills are used in real world problems that your student could use the rest of his/ her life.  Algebra 1 is a required course for graduation and is a skill that is tested by the State of Maryland.


> Course Objectives

o    represent functions

o    use linear functions

o    statistics

o    solve linear equations and inequalities

o    solve and use systems of equations


> Grading Policy

Category                                   Weight

Tests                                             50%

Quizzes                                         25%

Classwork                                     15%

Homework                                     10%

Pinnacle: Regularly monitor your progress online via our grading website.(


Make-up Work: It is crucial that missed work be completed promptly to prevent confusion as new material continues to be introduced.  The FCPS absence policy outlined in the calendar handbook will be followed.  Missed tests must be taken within 4 days of absence, or the test score will be a zero.    Students are responsible for picking up missed worksheets from the bins provided in back of the classroom.  PowerPoint lessons, note sheets, and Daily homework assignments are posted on my webpage on the MHS website:

Late Work: Homework assignments will not be accepted late unless the student has been absent.  Grades in pinnacle shown as a Z can be made up for credit before mid-term or the end of the term.



Academic Dishonesty: Students may not give or receive unauthorized aid on any assignment. Students will be held to the expectations and actions included in the MHS Honor Code found in the Student Handbook.   Students may not share calculators.  If a student needs to borrow a calculator from the school, he or she should see me to fill out a calculator loan agreement at the beginning of the semester.


> Tutoring

My schedule does not allow for after school tutoring.  Algebra tutoring with Mr. DeGrange is offered Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 – 3:30 in room 422.


> Instructional Materials

o    TI graphing calculator (TI-83 to TI-84 plus)

o    Notebook

o    Pocket folder

o    Graph paper

o    Pens/Pencils  

> Classroom Procedures

o    Warm-up (daily)

o    Check Homework (daily)

o    Notes/Guided Practice/Class Practice (daily)

o    Skills Check and Quiz (weekly)

o    Unit Reviews (Weekly)

o    Test (end of Unit)


> Student Expectations

o      READY:

Focused and alert | Bring required materials | Assigned work completed | Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings


Observe classroom safety guidelines | Honor commonalities and celebrate differences | Support and encourage classmates | Use appropriate language at appropriate times


Complete all assignments on time and with integrity | Give your best effort | Be open to feedback and capitalize on opportunities to improve


> Discipline Procedure

o      Warning/conference with student

o      Phone call to parent/guardian

o      Teacher detention

o      Office referral