Science NHS By Laws

Middletown High School National Science Honor Society Bylaws
Chapter 673
For the purpose of promoting high science scholastic standards at Middletown High School, we do hereby adopt the following Bylaws for the government to further the ideals and objectives of the Science National Honor Society.

ARTICLE I. Name and Objectives
·         The name of this organization is the MHS Science National Honor Society
·         The primary purpose of this organization is to promote the pursuit of excellence in the field of science education and to recognize outstanding achievement of our students by electing them to membership.
·         This organization shall be governed in accordance with the Bylaws of The Middletown Science National Honor Society, with amendments, if any, which may be made from time to time.

ARTICLE II. Membership
Section 1. Eligibility. Membership in the Society is open to students at Middletown High School who fulfill the following criteria. The following students shall be eligible for membership in this chapter:
·         A member must be in the last two years of secondary school education.
·         To be considered for entrance, the student must have taken an Honors Science or AP Science class in his or her freshman or sophomore year, or is currently taking an Honors Science or AP Science class as a junior or senior and is currently receiving an A.
·         A member must maintain a GPA of 3.5 across all science courses and an overall GPA of 3.0.
·         A member must maintain behavior that is acceptable to the guidelines of Middletown High School. 
Section 2 Dismissals. A student may be dismissed if he/she violates the standards, obligations, or ideals of the Science National Honor Society. This includes violation of grade or behavioral requirements as outlined in the above bylaws.
·         The member will receive written notification of the reason for possible dismissal from the adviser. 
·         The member and adviser will discuss the written notification in a conference. 
·         A letter of dismissal will be sent to the principal, student, and parents if the student is dismissed. 
  • Middletown SNHS shall have regular meetings during the school year on days designated by the officers and in accordance with school policy and regulations.
  • The secretary shall duly notify all active members of Chapter meetings.
  • All meetings shall be open meetings and shall be held under the sponsorship of the advisor. 
  • All members shall be required to attend the scheduled meetings and activities. 
ARTICLE IV: Chapter Activities
  • The chapter shall be involved with Middletown High School’s STEM Week and middle school science outreach.
  • The chapter shall attempt to bring speakers from the scientific community into the school to the extent to which their resources and location allow.

  • The officers of this chapter, their duties, and the method of their election shall be available prior to elections. 
  • The officers shall be a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, event coordination officer, fundraising officer, and publications officer(s).  In addition to the specific duties and responsibilities listed below, the officers shall assume other duties and responsibilities as required of their respective offices. 
  • It shall be the duty of the officers to attend meetings.
  • It shall be the duty of president to preside at all the meetings of this chapter, represent the chapter at public occasions, appoint necessary committees, to delegate responsibilities to members. 
  • It shall be the duty of the vice –president to fill the chair of the president in his/her absence.  In addition, the vice-president shall coordinate the activities of committees, all leadership projects, and group service projects.  The vice-president will also work with the president in assigning and accepting delegation of duties and see that these are carried out. 
  • It shall be the duty of the chapter secretary to keep accurate minutes of each meeting, a record of all business, all records on file, and conduct correspondence. 
  • It shall be the duty of the treasurer to account for all expenses.
  • The duty of the event coordination officer and fundraising officer will be directed and supervised by the president. 
  • It shall be the duty of the publications officer(s) to manage the media of the society, including any existing webpages and bulletin boards, as well as coordinating advertisements for the events of the society.
  • The majority of votes cast shall be necessary to elect any officer of this chapter. 
  • Removal of officers for violations of established school regulations and/or not upholding the standards of the SNHS can be done only be the chapter adviser. 
  • All chapter officers are obligated to the duty of presenting two brief scientific lectures annually. The lecture shall be ten to fifteen minutes in length and may be given during a regular chapter meeting or in a special ceremony. The lecture may be based on any scientific idea past, present, or future. It may take the form of a report on a certain subject or a discussion of a student’s theory.
  • The officers of the chapter shall determine the exact amount of the local dues.
  • Chapter officers shall fulfill all duties named in this Constitution and the local chapter bylaws.
·         Annual dues for this chapter shall not exceed $20.00 for seniors, $15.00 for all others.  Dues go toward chapter expenses. 
·         Dues will be payable by checks (made payable to MHS) or cash. 
 ARTICLE VII. Amendments
·         These Bylaws may be amended by the affirmative vote of the majority of the active members present and voting at a regular Chapter meeting, provided the proposed amendment or amendments have been given to the active members in writing thirty days prior to the meeting.
·         All amendments to these Bylaws shall be in harmony with the Bylaws of the Science National Honor Society.
Guidelines for the Chapter Advisor:
• The chapter adviser shall be responsible for the direct, daily supervision of the chapter, and act as a liaison between faculty, administration, students, and community. There may be multiple chapter advisers.
• The chapter adviser shall maintain files on membership, chapter history, activities, and financial transactions. The chapter advisor shall send an annual report to the national office. The national office will provide the annual forms.
• The chapter adviser shall frequently review each member for compliance with SNHS standards, obligations, and ideals.
  • Specifics regarding election and duties of officers
  • The schedule of meetings
  • Member obligations and chapter dues
  • Project descriptions and the like. Chapters may add any other information pertinent to the chapter.