CC Algebra I Honors Fall 2014

August 25th -- Get Information Cards completed.
                           Enter Parent's email in Pinnacle
                           Read and Sign Honor Pledge and the Syllabus
                           Complete PEMDAS Puzzle

August 26th --- Pink 1-3 Practice #1-6 skip #4

August 27th --- Pink 1-5 Practice #1-8   First Quiz on Friday.

August 28th --- Pink 1-5 Example #3     Quiz Tomorrow!

August 29th --- Pink 1-6 Questions 2 and 3 (do not do extend)   Start working on Unit 1 Review

September 2nd --- Period 1---Finish 4-1 Packet #1 and 2
                                  Period 4 --- Domain and Range Worksheet #8
                First Test is Friday (both periods)

September 3rd --- Period 1 --- Domain and Range Worksheet #8
                                 Period 4 --- Did you hear the one about?   Riddle worksheet
                First Test is Friday (both periods)

September 4th --- FinishTest  review  for Unit 1 
                                  Study and Review for Tomorrow's Test 

September 5th --- Complete Pre-Assessment for Unit 2
                                 Begin Unit Review #2 (Goldenrod) 

September 8th --- 4-3 Using Slope Practice odd numbers only

September 9th --- 4-3 Using Slope Practice even numbers
                                  Quiz on Unit 2 Thursday

September 10th --- Algebra I Worksheet 1 front only
                                    Quiz tomorrow

September 11th --- Applications of Linear Equations #1-5

September 17th --- Algebra I worksheet #1 (calculators and cartridges)
                                   Study for Quiz

September 18th --- Work on Unit Review and prepare for Tuesday's test

September 22nd --- Study Review Packet for Tomorrow's Test on Unit 2

September 23rd --- Complete Unit 4 Pre-Assessment

October 6th --- Complete Unit 5 Pre-Assessment

October 7th --- #4 and #5 on Pink Review Notes on Substitution method

October 8th --- Solve the two systems using Elimination method
                            Quiz Friday on Linear Systems and Applications

October 9th --- Linear Systems Practice worksheet #1, 7, 10
                           Review for Quiz on Linear Systems tomorrow

October 10th --- Linear Systems Practice worksheet #2, 9, 14

October 13th --- Module: Solving Systems Lesson % #2 - 10 Evens
                              Small Quiz at end of class tomorrow on Linear Inequalities
                              Test Linear Systems Thursday.

October 14th --- Module: Solving Systems Lesson #1-9
                              Test is Thursday

October 15th --- Chapter 8 Test #6, 10, 14
                              Test on Linear Systems is tomorrow.

October 20th --- Odd numbers on Transformation of Functions half sheet.

October 21st ---  Practice 2.7 B  #2, 6, 8,  12, 14, 16, 18

October 22nd --  Notes shee t 6.1 Practice #1, 4

October 23rd -- Piecewise worksheet #1, 2, 3, 8

October 24th -- Work on weekly unit review
                             Quiz on Piecewise Functions Monday

October 27th --- Math I w Support Worksheet: Transformation of functions
                       Test on non-linear Functions will be Thursday (October 30th).

October 30th --- Complete Unit 6 Formative if not finished.

October 31st --- Finish first assignment in TenMarks if did not in class.

November 5th --- GCF Factoring worksheet   Odds -- Multiples of 3   and Evens --- Multiples of 4.

November 6th --- Special Products (binomials)  Odds.
                             Factoring Quiz on Monday. ---   GCF, Grouping, and trinomial a = 1

November 7th --- Odd numbers on trinomial factoring worksheet
                             Quiz Monday

November 10th --- Odd numbers on factoring the difference of two squares worksheet
                               Practice Multiplication Facts if needed. You must know your facts.

November 11th -- Odd numbers on Factor Trinomials a>1 Kuta worksheet.
                              Second Factoring Quiz is Thursday.

November 13th --  Factoring review trinomials worksheet #1-6

November 14th --- Factoring Quadratics #1-10, page that begins with #1 16x^2-17
                               Prepare for Factoring Test Monday.  Practice Multiplication Facts!!

November 17th --- Four problems on note sheet

November 18th --- Solving Quadratic Equations (Day 2)  #1 - 4    Quiz Thursday

December 1st --- Homework-- Two Graphing problems exactly like classwork
                            Factoring Test 2 on Wednesday
                            Test on Non-Calculator Quadratics on Thursday
                            PARCC on Friday

December 9th --- Last four equations on Pink Note Sheet

December 10th --- Finish "Book"  and Problems #13 and 14 on today's group work
                                Quiz Tomorrow on Solving equations by Square Root Property and 
                                         Completing the Square