Unified Sports Information

Unified Sports Paperwork Packet

What are Unified Sports:

Unified Sports allow students with disabilities and students without disabilities to compete with and against each other as one unified team. All of the teams are coed. Anyone can participate on a Unified Sports team- unless they are academically ineligible, are participating on another sports team that season or participate in the same varsity sport (Varsity track athletes cannot be on the Unified track team, spring tennis players cannot be on the Unified tennis team).
It really is an amazing experience for all involved. All participants have the opportunity to complete for a gold medal at the state championship that is sponsored by the Special Olympics as well as earn a varsity letter from the school. In some cases, students can also earn SSL hours for participation.

What makes Unified Sports different from other sports at Middletown High?

  • The Unified Sports seasons are much shorter than the other sport seasons.
  • Practice is usually two times per week, usually from 2:30-3:30 pm.
  • There are generally 3-4 regular season competitions,one county championship event and the statecompetition.
  • There is no activity fee for Unified Sports

What Unified Sports are offered at Middletown High?

          Fall:  Unified Tennis    (Coach Scott Bean)
          Winter:  Unified Bocce (Coach Jaime Pryor)
          Spring: Unified Track and Field  (Coach Pam Bator)

How to get involved:

  • Bocce is the only Unified Sport that has tryouts (due to restrictions on roster size) 
  • To play Tennis or Track, just sign up and turn in your paperwork.
  • Listen to the morning announcements for dead-lines and other important information.