Substance Research

   Databases: These databases are authoritative sources for facts about substances and provide citations for each source.
Salem Health is an online database with reliable information about drug and substance abuse. Click the Remote Access tab   Remote Password: mhsknights
The Gale Virtual Reference Library consists of electronic books that can be searched individually or as a complete collection.  Username: fcpsmhs      Password: knights
Student Resources In Context The Gale's Student Resources in Context is a database that offers a variety of text and multimedia resources.  Username: fcpsmhs      Password: knights
  Science Reference Center is a database that provides access to hundreds of science encyclopedias, reference books, and periodicals.   
Username: fredco      Password: fredco
   Government Website: This source provides reliable information from a government agency; use EasyBib to create your citations
   National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens: The Science Behind Drug Abuse
   Google Advanced Search: Find Good-Quality Sources out on the Internet

Type your topic in the search box. Near the bottom of the page, where it says "Search within a site or domain," type in .edu. This will help you find good-qualtiy sites from colleges and universities.
   Additional Websites: These sources provide information and prevention strategies related to drug abuse.
   Mothers Against Drunk Driving
   Parents: The Anti-Drug
   American Academy of Pediatrics on the dangers of steroids
Strategies on how to prevent and address drug and alcohol abuse
Information on smoking, along with strategies for prevention and quitting
  Dangers of chewing tobacco and strategies for prevention and quitting
 Use your FCPS Google login to access your MHS EasyBib account
Choose APA format for Health Class citations
Choose MLA format for English Class citations