Senior Knights 2011

 #1 Shane Falcinelli—GK, 3 year Varsity member & 4 years in the program

Shane is “Batman.” With a wing-span of seven feet plus, Shane is the absolute last guy an attacking player wants to run into in a darkened alley, let alone in the goal area. Armed with a tool-belt containing a booming punt, quick reflexes, and great hands, Shane has been the Knights’ superhero in goal many times throughout his career. Thanks for an outstanding career Shane.
#14 Mike Zaycer—MF/F, 1 year Varsity member & 1 year in the program
Mike is “The Flash.” Blessed with ridiculous pace and quickness, Mike has burst onto the scene this season and been a welcome addition to the team. With speed that seems to defy the laws of physics, Mike makes defenders feel like they have time and then, in a flash, he’s there to win the ball and streak downfield towards goal.   Thanks for joining us this season Mike.
#2 Jeff Meek—MF/D, 2 year Varsity member & 4 years in the program
Jeff is “Spiderman.” Bitten by the goal-scoring bug this summer, Jeff left his job tending the nets as goalkeeper for the field. With his slick moves and booming left foot, in the field or in the goal, Jeff has developed a sense of the goal that’s made him an impact throughout his career at whatever position he has played. Not to mention, he is, according to Coach Sheffler, a “certified netster.” Thanks for a great four years Jeff.
#11 Caleb Demas—MF/F, 2 year Varsity member & 4 years in the program
Caleb is “Iron Man.” Caleb possesses super soccer intelligence and when he throws on his jersey, he is armed with a missile for a shot and a deft touch to put in a teammate past the defense. Throughout his career at MHS, Caleb has flown up and down the midfield and attacking third, tormenting opposing defenders. An “Iron Man” wouldn’t be complete without the ability to bounce back this season from such a serious injury. Thanks Caleb.
#9 Gary Higginbothem—MF/D, 2 year Varsity member & 4 years in the program
Gary is “Aquaman.” A gifted swimmer, Gary is no slouch on dry land. When he’s on defense, his pace sinks the opponent attacks.  When he’s on attack, his slick skills help flood the attacking area in our favor. And of course, when the Knights have been fishing for that little something extra to get them through a tough spot in the game, Gary is there. Thanks for everything Gary.
#12 John Remsberg—D, 2 year Varsity member & 4 years in the program
John is “Captain America.” John has been the Knights’ shield in the backline many times in his career. John’s physical abilities have been put to the test this year, leaping for headers (both offensive and defensive), lunging to deflect shots and throughballs and battling hand-to-hand and foot-to-foot with the opposing team’s best strikers. Thanks John.
#18 Jonathan Wolf—MF, 2 year Varsity member & 4 years in the program
Jonathan is “Thor.” With his stamina and speed, Jonathan has been a force in the midfield and has been a handful for defending opponents to have to deal with.   His strength and durability are tough enough to deal with, but when he fully unleashes that hammer of a shot with his right foot, the other team’s players are left with no choice but to get out of the way. Thanks for a great four years Jonathan.
#8 Scott McMunn—F, 2 year Varsity member & 3 years in the program
Scott is “The Phantom.” A sharpshooter, Scott is a threat to score wherever and whenever he gets the ball. Like any goal scorer, he possesses an ability to sneak into dangerous positions and unsettle the defense. When he gets ahold of a shot, look out defenders, because if you get in the way you will get a tattoo of the ball’s imprint. Thanks Scott.
#7 Matt Nickols—D, 2 year Varsity member & 3 years in the program
Matt is “Demolition Man.” Possessed with strength, Matt is someone that attackers do not want to run into on their way to goal. His booming left foot has given Matt a great weapon adding in to the attack as well. Good in the air, good in the tackle, Matt has been demolishing opponent’s attacks throughout his career at MHS. Thanks for everything Matt.
# 19 Bradley Coblentz—MF, 2 year Varsity member & 4 years in the program
Bradley is “Wolverine.” Bradley seems to have the ability to claw his way past defenders and send a knifing ball into the box for his teammates. Look out defenders is Bradley gets all of his shot, because it will slice right through you. Tough and strong, Bradley has given defenders a lot to handle up and down the flanks throughout his career. Thanks Bradley.
#3 Luke Verdi—D, 2 year Varsity member & 4 years in the program
Luke is “The Incredible Hulk.” Tough as a brick wall, watch out when Luke gets angry. Bursting through the attacker’s legs to win the ball with the same force he bursts through his youth medium sized t-shirts, Luke is dogged in his pursuit of winning the ball and attackers have no choice but to let him win it or face the painful consequences of his tough tackles. Thanks for a great four years Luke.
To all the seniors, thank you all for what you have given and meant to this program. As superheroes, you are blessed with great skills and abilities but also, whether asked for or not, great responsibilities.   Embrace your final journey together through the playoffs by joining together. No single superhero can take this team as far as it could go, but together you can unite us for glory.  Go Knights!