Intermediate Transitional Algebra

2016/2017 Intermediate Transitional Algebra Syllabus


> Contact Information

Cynthia Anderson                                                                                                     


Phone: 240-236-7504

> Introduction

This course is intended for students who wish to continue their study of higher-level mathematics and it is intended to prepare students to take the Algebra 2 course. Topics include the learning and use of function notation including sequences; interpret functions given graphically, numerically, symbolically, and verbally; build on previous understanding of integer exponents to consider exponential functions; create and solve equations, inequalities, and systems of equations involving quadratic expressions; compare the key characteristics of quadratic functions to those of linear and exponential functions; identify the real solutions of a quadratic equation as the zeros of a related quadratic function. Students may extend their repertoire of functions to include polynomial, rational, and radical functions.

> Course Objectives

  • Unit 1 Operations with Polynomials

  • Unit 2 Factoring Polynomial Expressions

  • Unit 3: Solving Polynomial Equations

  • Unit 4: Graphing and Transformations of Quadratic Equations

  • Unit 5: Parent Functions and Transformations

  • Unit 6: Rational Functions

> Grading Policy

Category                                             Weight

Tests, Quiz, classwork,IXl                    90%

Homework                                         10%

TAC Grade Grades: Explain to students and parents how to retrieve TAC grades here. Regularly monitor your progress online via our grading website. (

Make-up Work: Please see me before or after class to get the work you missed in your absence.  

Late Work:

O Homework must be completed on the night it is assigned to be an effective learning tool.  Therefore, late work will not be accepted.

o Absent policy, he/she should make arrangement with the teacher to make-up tests and assignments.  Failure to do so will result in 0% for the missing work.

Academic Dishonesty: Students may not give or receive unauthorized aid on any assignment. Students will be held to the expectations and actions included in the MHS Honor Code found on the MHS Website.

> Tutoring

Tutoring is available Monday through Thursday during Knights Quest time.  Arrangements can be made at  

> Instructional Materials

o    Notebook

o    Graphing Calculator (TI-83, TI-83 plus, TI-84)

o    Loose leaf paper

o    Pencils, Pencils, Pencils!!

o   Dry erase markers

o   Graph Paper

> Classroom Procedures

o    Warm-up (daily)

o    Check Homework (daily)

o    Notes/Guided Practice/Class Practice (daily)

o    Test (end of Unit)

> Bell Schedule [Regular day]

  • Period 1: 7:30-8:50

  • Period 2: 8:55-10:15

  • KnightsQuest: 10:20-10:55

  • Period 3: 11:00-12:50 (includes Lunch)

  • Period 4: 12:55-2:15

> Student Expectations


Focused and alert | Bring required materials | Assigned work completed | Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings


Observe classroom safety guidelines | Honor commonalities and celebrate differences | Support and encourage classmates | Use appropriate language at appropriate times


Complete all assignments on time and with integrity | Give your best effort | Be open to feedback and capitalize on opportunities to improve

> Discipline Procedure

  • Warning/conference with student

  • Phone call to parent/guardian

  • Teacher detention

  • Office referral

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