Michael Desimone

Mike Desimone

The Mike Desimone path to Middletown Football:

Mike was born April 2, 1968 in Washington D.C.  He attended St. John's College high school also in Washington D.C. where he played both football and baseball.  Upon completing graduation in 1986, Mike moved on to Shepherd College (now University) where he graduated in 1991.  As a teacher and wanting to again be part of an athletic program, he moved to Bladensburg High School in 1991.  There Mike coached football and baseball, the sports in which he had excelled in high school.  He was there until 1996 and during that time coached Ebenezer Ekuban who is currently with the Denver Broncos.  Mike then moved onto Frederick High School where he coached football in 96-97.  His next move was to Middletown High School as the Head Baseball coach in 1997 and then joined the football staff in 1998.  Mike remained the Head Baseball Coach until 2004, moving on to coach at Tuscarora High for 05-06 season followed by a move back to Middletown as an assistant baseball coach in 2007 through the present.  Except for a two year layoff, Mike has coached football at Middletown since arriving.  He presently serves as the offensive and defensive line coach.  Among his many accolades, he coached the 2007 Maryland State finalist baseball team at Middletown.  He has coached four regional finalist teams in baseball and four Maryland regional finalist football team who then went onto 2 State finalist teams.  Mike is currently the director of the 2A West Region baseball tournament. Mike was nominated by his former player, Ebenezer Ekuban, as an NFL Players Coach of the Year.  Besides his wedding day, and the birth of hiw two wonderful chirldren, one of the outstanding single moments in his life was the hole in one that he shot on the golf course in Sorth Carolina.

Mike and his wife, Tammi have two children Jennifer (age 17) and Nicholas (age 15). Mike resides in the Middletown area and is a social studies teacher at Middletown High School teaching A. P. classes. In the fall of 2013, Mike took over the role of Athletic Director for Middletown High School.