Lorne Ridenour

MHS Strength Training Teacher / Football Coach

Individual and Dual Sports (AST) Syllabus

2017-2018 School Year

Fall Semester Schedule: 1 - Plan  2 - Individual/Dual Sports  3 - Individual/Dual Sports  4 - Individual/Dual Sports

Spring Semester Schedule: 1 - Plan  2 - Individual/Dual Sports  3 - Individual/Dual Sports  4 - Individual/Dual Sports

We work very hard to push students to be the best they can be.  The students are challenged daily, in a competitive setting, by working on muscular strength, agility, speed, and core improvement as well as leadership and teamwork skills.  Our number one goal is to help all students with injury prevention, but performance will be enhanced by all the activities we compete in.  I try to teach students how to work hard and have fun doing it.

Click here to view informational video on Individual and Dual Sports class (Also known as Athletic Str. Training)