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English 10 honors syllabus
Blocks 2 & 4: English 10 honors

Monday 01/28 -- no school for students

Tuesday 01/29 -- 2nd semester begins -- Homework: have syllabus agreement signed, finish letter (if needed), and get a notebook (spiral or composition book) to use for this class only. *Early release due to snow

Wednesday 01/30 -- no school -- snow day

Thursday 1/31 -- Due: signed syllabus agreement, first-day letter, and notebook. In class: first root word study list notes

Friday 2/1 -- In class: Review/Preview English 9 & 10; study phychology of literary analysis, critical theory & archetypes information. 

Monday 02/04 -- In class: consider self-selected reading choices; groups for archetypes & Plato's "Allegory of the Cave." Homework: cede/cess vocabulary review.

Tuesday 02/05 -- Due: vocbulary homework. In class: consider self-selected reading choices; grammar parts of speech review; analyze structure, archetypes, themes, etc. of Plato's allegory & prepare group information. Homework: create a reading schedule and start reading self-selected novel.

Wednesday 02/06 -- In class: reading schedule due (finish book by 2/22); finish Plato's group work & begin presentations. Homework: read self-selected novel.

Thursday 02/07 -- In class: complete group presentations; grammar pronoun/antecedent agreement; compose Plato analysis essay. Homework: study for word study quiz & continue reading self-selected novel.

Friday 02/08 -- In class: cede/cess word study quiz; final revisions of Plato analysis essay; begin introduction to Beowulf (if time). Homework: continue self-selected novel.

Monday 2/11 & Tuesday 2/12 -- school closed due to inclement weather

Wednesday 2/13 -- In class: new root study terms; edit draft and type final copy of Plato analysis. Homework: continue reading novel.

Thursday 2/14 -- In class: grammar pronoun/antecedent agreement; begin Beowulf part 1; apply hero's journey & analyze narrative elements. Homework: word study review and continue reading novel.

Friday 2/15 -- Due: word study review. In class: finish Beowulf part 1, read part 2 & apply to narrative stucture: hero's journey. Homework: continue reading self-selected novel.

Monday 2/18 -- no school -- Presidents' Day

Tuesday 2/19 -- In class: new root study list & definitions; review all of Beowulf & character profile (prewriting for narrative formative); reading quiz for first half of self-selected text.

Wednesday 2/20 -- In class: Beowulf test with narrative formative. Homework: continue self-selected novel reading; root word study review.

Thursday 2/21 -- In class: practice creative narrative structure; review and begin narrative benchmark. Homework: root word study review. 

Friday 2/22 -- In class: complete narrative benchmark. (no root word study quiz this week). Homework: finish self-selected text.

Monday 2/25 -- In class: new root vocabulary; summary quiz on end of self-selected text; work on video presentations. Homework: none

Tuesday 2/26 -- In class: work on video presentations. Homework: none.

Wednesday 2/27 -- benchmark make-up deadline ends -- finish creating video presentations. Journal notebook check due (100 points). Homework: root vocabulary review.

Thursday 2/28 -- Beowulf film: epic v. tragedy

Friday 3/1 -- mid-term -- root word study quiz -- Beowulf film: epic v. tragedy

Next week: begin Lord of the Flies 

*Reminder: If you need to make up work or would like help studying for tests, quizzes, or ongoing projects/essays, please sign up to see me during "Knights Quest" study time or come in after school any day. My extended tutoring days are Tuesday until 3:30 in my classroom and Wednesday until 3:30 in the media center; you may see me after school, too, on Monday, Thursday, and Friday until 2:45 or longer by appointment.