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English 10 honors syllabus
Blocks 2 & 4: English 10 honors

Wednesday 4/17 -- peer edit and complete final draft of paper.

Thursday 4/18 - Monday 4/22 -- no school -- spring break

Tuesday 4/23 -- Begin Animal Farm with vocabulary and grammar: phrases & clauses

Wednesday 4/24 -- read chapter 2 of Animal Farm; voc: change parts of speech; Russian Revolution notes. Homework: read ch. 3

Thursday 4/25 -- chapter 3 reading quiz; read chapter 4; "About the Author." Homeowork: read chapter 5 

Friday 4/26 -- LAST day to turn in research essay revisions for improved grade (optional) -- ch. 5 reading quiz; read ch. 6 & questions; vocabulary: more parts of speech & context; Russian Revolution notes. Homework: read chapter 7.

Monday 4/29 -- ch. 7 reading quiz; vocabulary practice; read ch. 8; Russian Revolution notes. Homework: read chapter 9.

Tuesday 4/30 -- read chapter 10 & review all. Homework: study vocabulary and make up missed readings.

Wedenesday 5/1 -- Animal Farm test and vocabulary test.

Thursday 5/2 -- grammar: active voice and parallel structure; new root vocabulary list & definitions; PARCC information

Friday 5/3 -- simulated research formative introduction

Monday 5/6 -- simulated research formative outline and draft; root word study review

Tuesday 5/7 -- simulated research samples and scores. Homework: study for root word study quiz.

Wednesday 5/8 --  PARCC prep samples and scores; grammar reviews; root word study quiz.

Thursday 5/9 -- JOURNAL NOTEBOOK DUE -- begin simulated research benchmark

Friday 5/10 -- mid term -- 2-hour early release -- finish simulated research benchmark

Monday5/13 -- begin Macbeth

*English PARCC exam is held during class on May 22, 23, and 24 (no Knights Quest those days, and 4th block will eat 1st lunch shift)


*Reminder: If you need to make up work or would like help studying for tests, quizzes, or ongoing projects/essays, please sign up to see me during "Knights Quest" study time or come in after school any day. My extended tutoring days are Tuesday until 3:30 in my classroom and Wednesday until 3:30 in the media center; you may see me after school, too, on Monday, Thursday, and Friday until 2:45 or longer by appointment.