James Schartner

James Schartner
American Sign Language Levels I and II
School phone number:  240-236-7501
E-mail address:  james.schartner@fcps.org

Block One:  American Sign Language I
Block Two:  American Sign Language II
Block Three:  American Sign Language II
Block Four:  Planning

American Sign Language Homework Assignments

Syllabus ASL

Syllabus ASL II 

      The American Sign Language I classes are learning to use the manual alphabet for fingerspelling of names, places, and things.  Basic signs include how to introduce yourself, how to introduce a friend, how to sign deaf and hearing, and general signs in order to communicate in class.  All instruction is in sign language without voice.  Students are highly encouraged to refrain from using their voices also in order to better use ASL.
     The American Sign Language II classes are reviewing the basics of ASL including the manual alphabet, talking about themselves and school activities.  All instruction is in ASL only without voice.  ASL II students should refrain from using their voices at all times in order to facilitate the development of their signing skills.