HSA Information

High School Assessment Information

For the class of 2012 and beyond, students are required to pass 3 high school assessments, Biology, English 10 and Algebra I, to graduate with a Maryland High School Diploma.  Students who have not met this graduation requirement will be given the opportunity to take the test(s):

Middletown High School will notify any students scheduled to test. 

2013 Test Dates

Semester 1courses and retakers Senior Retakers Semester 2 courses and retakers
1/07— Algebra 04/15—Algebra 5/20—Algebra
1/08— English 10 04/16—English 10 5/21— English 10
1/09— Biology 04/17— Biology 5/22— Biology
1/10—Government   5/23--Government

School Improvement in Maryland (MD K-12): This site contains information on assessments, data analysis, instruction and school improvement and includes an MSA and HSA sample assessment item of the week.

Tutoring: MHS students have regular opportunities to receive tutoring in all HSA subjects. Click here for the tutoring schedule.

Follow the links below for additional assessment practice and resources:

Algebra | Biology | English | Government | FCPS Testing Links


Testing begins promptly at 7:30am. Eating a good breakfast and getting a good night's rest prior to the assessments will also help students to succeed.