Family and Consumer Science

Mrs. Alisa Gibson
Department Chairperson
Independent Living and Parenting

Mrs. Gretchen Martin
Child Development I/II/III and the Knee High Knights Preschool

Ms. Katie Smith
Independent Living

The following classes are available to students at MHS at course selection time:

362040 1 Grades 9 - 12
363041 2 Grades 9 - 12
363061 3 Grades 10 - 12
Students who complete Child Development 1, 2, and 3 and meet
the state requirements will receive their 90-clock hour Preschool
This course provides an introduction to the study of children with
emphasis on the preschool child. Through classroom activities,
observations of children and actual experiences with preschool
children in the child development laboratory, students study the
stages of growth and development, the role of play in childrens
learning, strategies for supporting physical, intellectual, social
and emotional development, and positive guidance practices and
techniques. Students become acquainted with career opportunities
working with young children and the various roles and
responsibilities of those who provide care.
In level 2, students begin to take greater responsibility for the
administrative functions of the preschool program, communicating
with parents and working cooperatively to plan instruction.

533010 1 (3 Credits) Grades 10 - 12
At level 3, while continuing to teach in the preschool laboratory,
students learn about the administrative responsibilities of operating
a child care center. Those students desiring advanced certification
in this field may elect to apply for the Child Development Mentor/
Intern Program to receive an advanced technology education
Prerequisite for 363041: Child Development 1
Prerequisite for 363061: Child Development 2


362020 Grades 9 - 12
This course is designed to help student begin preparing for a
balanced and fulfilling life. Based on the theory that career and
family are intrinsically related, this course guides students through
the decisions that will have an impact upon their future through
hands-on experience. Some examples of activities that provide
relevant, practical experience include studying the value of nutritious
diet and healthy lifestyle, planning and cooking nutritious meals,
examining housing choices, and demonstrating the principles of
interior design, financial planning, instruction in clothing care and
selection and developing skills for becoming a wise consumer. This
course empowers young persons with the skills and knowledge to
live in a competitive and rapidly changing society.

362030 Grades 9 - 12
This course provides opportunities for students to gain knowledge,
skills and attitudes needed for healthy relationships. Special emphasis
is given to decision-making, setting goals, communication styles,
theories of attraction and learning crisis and conflict resolution
management. The decision to be a parent or not, reproduction,
the birth process, birth defects, infant development, and the care
of young children are included. Responsibility and reality are
emphasized through the use of Baby Think It Over, a computerized
life-like infant simulator which allows student to experience the
demands of parenting in preparation for making informed choices
about their future. Students are provided with information which
will lead to a greater understanding of the challenges of marriage
and parenthood in a technological society. Because the content
is sensitive, the Family Life and Human Development Bylaw
stipulates that parental permission is required.