Edward Roark

Mission:  "A tradition of Excellence:  Knowledge, Creativity, Strength, and Leadership"

Contact Information
Phone:  240.236.7486
email:  edward.roark@fcps.org

MHS Policies

Honor Code (See Student Planner)

Cell Phone Policy

Schedule:     Semester 2
Block 1

Block 2
Introduction to Business

Block 3
Foundations of Technology (FOT)

Block 4

MCT I (Microsoft Certification I -- WORD and EXCEL)
MCT II (Microsoft Certification II --POWERPOINT and ACCESS)
MCT III (Microsoft Certification III --Advanced WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, AND ACCESS)


I am available to work with students who need additional help in the class room Tuesday and Thursday.  Students are asked to talk with the teacher at least one day prior to meeting after school.