Desiree Denton

English/Drama Instruction
MHS Drama Department Production Manager

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Hello Parents and Students!

Please contact me at any time. Email is checked throughout the school day and typically yields the most effective communication.
***Let me know in the email if you prefer a response via phone.***

Instagram ID: @ms_dentonedu
Twitter Tag: @MsDEnglishTeach
MHS Drama Twitter: @MHSDramaKnights
Quizlet ID: msdentonenglishteach

Room 508
Phone: 240-236-7497

Schedule - Fall 2016
Block 1 ~ 10 Honors English - British Literature
Block 2 ~ Planning
Knights Quest Time
Block 3 ~ 10 Honors English - British Literature
Block 4 ~ Introduction to Theatre

***Note: Remind is used to get students accustomed to classroom routines through the end of September - it will not be used as regularly after that***

  • To join the English 9 Honors - World Literature REMIND program: Text 810-10 with the words "join a462fc"
  • To join the English 10 Honors - British Literature REMIND program: Text 810-10 with the words "join dc88d6"
  • To join the Introduction to Theatre Arts REMIND program: Text 810-10 with the words "join ebac9k"

Afterschool Office/Tutoring Hours - by appointment only

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