Advanced Placement Information

Planning for the Advanced Placement Exams
Students who are enrolled in Advanced Placement courses are encouraged to take the exam associated with each course. This a great way to show how much you know, and the exam will give you the paperwork to document your knowledge! 

Taking the exam and receiving a passing score, 3 or above, is the only way in which you can earn college credit. Remember, colleges and universities set their own policies for awarding credit, but taking the exam is the first step.

AP Exams

On exam day, please make sure that you arrive at Middletown High School on time to take your AP exam and bring A PICTURE ID (school ID or driver’s license), two number 2 pencils, and a graphing calculator if needed. Students who are late will not be allowed to enter the test site once the exams have begun.

The tests will take approximately 3-4 hours. The College Board strictly prohibits cell phones and other electronic devices in the exam room. Students using cell phones or other electronic devices during the test or during the break will have the device confiscated and will be dismissed from the test. The incident will be reported to the College Board, and the exam will be invalidated. Students will not be permitted to bring backpacks, purses, etc. to the testing site. Any student arriving with bags, purses, phones, notebooks, etc., will be required to turn them over to staff to be stored in a secure location until the test is over. Arrangements should be made to store such items in lockers or vehicles. Additional information about the Advanced Placement program is available at