FCPS Secondary Mathematics

Vision of Mathematics

Mathematics is important. All children must learn to think mathematically, and they must think mathematically to learn.

Mathematics describes the world in terms of size and shape and allows us to appreciate the beauty of its patterns. It has facilitated the development of science, technology, engineering, business, and government.

The Frederick County Public School System educates its students to value, understand, and use mathematics at school and in their world.

Students enjoy learning and doing math. They are confident in their ability to learn and apply math. Students are actively involved in developing their own understanding of math. They are able to demonstrate their understanding.

Teachers are students of mathematics. They possess the confidence and knowledge to facilitate math learning. Teachers demonstrate an enthusiasm for mathematics. Teachers think about students’ thinking in math in order to provide an environment that offers every child opportunities to grow mathematically.

The school and the community value math education. Together they support curriculum and instruction that offer students opportunities to learn mathematics concepts and procedures with understanding.