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Policies and Regulations Related to Volunteers in Our Schools

●Family/Community Partnership Policy - Policy 413 http://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=413

●Student Records - Regulation 400-20 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=400-20

●Volunteers in Schools - Regulation 400-86 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=400-86

●School Security and Facility Access - Regulation 200-29 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=200-29

●Promoting a Drug-Free, Alcohol-Free and Tobacco-Free Environment - Policy 112 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=112

●Sexual Harassment - Policy 318 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=318

●Field Trips and Overnight Travel Study Programs - Regulation 400-05 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=400-05

●Reporting Abuse and Neglect - Regulation 400-47 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=400-47

●Weapon Possession on School Property - Regulation 300-39 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=300-39

●Bloodborne Pathogen Control Plan - Regulation 200-23 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=200-23

●Criminal Background Investigations - Regulation 300-33 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=300-33


*If you have any questions about volunteering at Lincoln, please contact Latonya Disney at latonya.disney@fcps.org
or (240) 236-2704.