Liberty Elementary School

Attendance Policy
          Our school community believes strongly that school attendance and school success are closely related. Concerns may arise when a student’s program is interrupted by chronic absenteeism/tardiness.
          As we continue to participate in the Character Counts! Initiative, we believe the pillars of trust, responsibility, and citizenship are promoted by emphasizing good attendance. By making this a focus, strong foundational habits are learned which will have a lifelong impact.
Our goal at Liberty Elementary School is to meet the state’s “excellent” standard of 96% or higher for attendance. 
Help support our goal!
Absences that may be excused...
Schools may excuse students for a variety of reasons. Absences which may be excused include:
FCPS Reg. No. 400-7 COMAR 13A.08.03
·        Death in the immediate family
·        Illness of child—principal shall require medical note if continually absent
·        Doctor’s note
·        Court Summons
·        Religious Observance
·        Suspension
Absences are either excused or unexcused. A written note stating the reason for the absence or tardiness is required within two days of returning to school, or the absence will be automatically marked unexcused. When school absences occur, students are required to make up any missing work. 
If you know that your child will need to leave school early, please send a note to the homeroom teacher upon the student’s arrival that day. Parents must sign-out their children through the secretary in the front office when leaving and sign them back in when returning to school.
A note for being late is also necessary—please be sure to send a note when your child is arriving late to school and please be sure to sign your child in at the office.
What may happen if your child has habitual unexcused absences
from school?
FCPS Reg. No. 500-25
·        Conference with Parent
·        Student Contract
·        Detention
·        Removal from School Activities
·        Restriction of extracurricular  activities
·        In School Suspension
·        Pupil Personnel Referral
·        Retention/Loss of Credit
·        Action from State Attorney’s Office
·        Student Referral to Department of Juvenile services
It’s the LAW!
Maryland’s Compulsory Attendance Law
COMAR 7-301
(Code of Maryland Regulations)
Duty of the Parent/Guardian— Each person who has under his/her control, a child who is 5-16 years old shall see that the child attends school or receives instruction as required by COMAR.
Penalties - Any person who has control over a child who is 5-16 years old, and fails to see that the child attends school or receives instruction, under COMAR, is guilty of a misdemeanor. On conviction, the person is subject to a find not to exceed $50 per day of unlawful absence or imprisonment not to exceed 10 days, or both.
Letters Home
We believe that a positive home-school partnership is crucial to student success. Therefore, we will be monitoring attendance carefully throughout the year and will be keeping our families informed about the status of their child’s attendance. With certain exception (ex. Hospitalization), we will be sending home a letter to families of students who have received 3 or more unexcused absences in a 30 day period.  This letter will keep families informed as to their child’s attendance status.
·        Support your child’s regular attendance
·        Be aware of our attendance policies
·        Review these policies with your child
·        Establish regular schedules of rest and nutrition
·        Inform the school whenever your child will be absent for an extended period of time
·        If your child has no outward signs of illness (i.e. vomiting, diarrhea, temperature) you should send your child to school
·        Schedule vacations and trips during holidays and breaks
·        Call your child’s counselor if you feel your child is avoiding school due to stress or anxiety issues
Have Questions? Don’t
hesitate to contact…
Kim Herndon 240-236-1800
Guidance Counselor
Olga Elkis 240-236-1798
Please refer to the FCPS Calendar Handbook for additional information.


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