About LIES

Liberty Elementary School


LIBERTY was dubbed “the new school on the hill” when it opened its doors in 1927, serving students from grades 1-12. In 1945, Liberty graduated its last senior class. Until 1962 it continued to house junior high and elementary students. Since that time and through several renovations, Liberty has been an elementary school, serving students in grades pre-kindergarten through five. As we look forward, we treasure the rich heritage of the school, valuing our past and knowing it is a solid foundation for our future.

Today, Liberty Elementary School enjoys a faculty and staff committed to meeting the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of children.

Our parents and community are very much a part of this team and invaluable to the success of our endeavors. Volunteers have donated more than 2,000 hours of service yearly in our school. Liberty Elementary focuses on the whole child. We continually work on best practices in improving instruction and increasing achievement.

Technology has been enhanced within the building as our resources and knowledge continue to grow. Liberty Elementary is part of the thriving Linganore High School feeder pattern, from which representatives meet regularly to ensure that transitions are smooth and that programs are consistent as children move from pre-kindergarten through middle and high school.

Liberty Elementary is a strong community school of which we are proud. While we have achieved much, we know there are challenges in front of us.

Liberty Elementary's mission: "At Liberty Elementary we foster academic achievement and character development for all. We accomplish this through collaboration among staff, caring families, and a supportive community. We soar with excellence."